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or please call 1-800-343-0121 or email us at mystylist@macys.com

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Our personal fashion and beauty stylists will help you create stunning looks for work, play, vacations, or special events.


for him

Our men's personal stylists take the guesswork out of getting ready, so that you can confidently look good for any occasion.


say “I do”

From your dream dress to dazzing jewels & accessories, our wedding stylists have what you need to look your best on the big day.


my stylist is...


Get the scoop on the coolest trends and top brands to give.


We'll have options waiting for you.


There's no pressure to buy. No purchase required.

Whether you are looking for a personal stylist in Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, or NYC, you can find Macy's personal shopper service offered nationwide.

New My Stylist clients will receive 20% OFF selections at their first appointment.
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I can't wait to utilize the MyStylist service again and again, it was such a great experience!
Angela L.

The experience is great and the main reason I shop at Macy's. She had me out the door with exactly what I needed in less than an hour...
Heidi P.

You're almost guaranteed to find a style that you never would have picked up before.
Marian H.

... She goes the extra mile, always, to find what I need, provide advice on what works well for me and make sure that I am happy.
Jacqueline H.

My Macy's experience gets better with every visit!
Twan E.

...It was the best shopping experience I ever had. I hate shopping, but this made it so easy.
Dianne B.

Shout out to Krisia, my favorite personal shopper, who helped me pick out some great clothes. Cannot wait to come back!
Gary G.

She helps me with all my clothing needs as well as anything else I need. She is outstanding and understands the true meaning of customer service.
Mary P.

She knows my tastes, anticipates things I'll like, keeps me informed of all upcoming events...
Diana W.

She has all the clothes I've requested ready for me to try on and does all the running back and forth... It saves me so much time.
Virginia H.

She always finds the right thing, whether it is a gift or personal clothing or household items.
Susan T.

Her patience and eye for what will look good is incredible!!! Can't wait to shop with her again!!
David L.

She always finds me items and looks that work for me, and pushes my style into a new and much-needed direction.
Mary M.

They really endeavor to please, find the items I'm looking for and help me at any time.
Laurie E.

Getting her advice and assistance has taken my shopping experience with Macy's to a whole new level.
Stacy P.

It makes a huge difference for me-saves a ton of time, introduces me to new ideas...
Kimberly T.

frequently asked questions

If you still have questions, please call
1-800-343-0121 or email us at mystylist@macys.com.

How do I make an appointment?
You can book it online, call us at 1-800-343-0121 or email us at mystylist@macys.com
How long does an appointment take?
Depending on your needs, the length of an appointment can vary. Special-occasion appointments last about an hour and full wardrobe updates can take up to 2 hours, while searching for the perfect gift can be 15 to 30 minutes.
How much do I have to spend?
My Stylist @ Macy's is fun, fast and FREE--there is no minimum, expectation or pressure to buy! Our expert Stylists are here to maximize your time and elevate your shopping experience.
Can I make an appointment for just one item?
Of course you can! We're here to help with any shopping need you have.
In which stores is this service available?
Currently we have Stylists in all major stores across the country! Start scheduling an appointment now to find the My Stylist @ Macy's store nearest you.
On what days and times do you offer appointments?
Appointments can be scheduled during regular store hours, 7 days a week, depending on availability.
How far in advance do I need to make my appointment?
In order to curate selections just for you, we ask for 2 days' notice. If you need an appointment sooner, please call the My Stylist @ Macy's store nearest you and we'll do our best to help!
Can I speak with a Stylist prior to coming in?
Sure, we love to chat! Once you're connected with a Stylist, reach out to us with your style preferences. Once we have an idea of what you like (and what you don't), we can make the most of your appointment. You can also share your Macy's List with us and we'll have your selections waiting for you when you arrive!
What can I expect when I get there?
We'll have a private fitting room waiting for you with clothes and accessories based on your request. Try on what you like or ask for more options and we'll take it from there!
Is the My Stylist @ Macy's service just for women, or do you help men as well?
Think of us as the ultimate curators for the entire store--our Stylists are here to help men, women and children, too. We'll even help you update and accessorize your home!
How do I know that My Stylist @ Macy's will get me and my style?
Our Stylists are used to dressing a wide variety of styles! They're trained to listen to your preferences and effectively edit our assortment to suit your taste.
Is there an option to work with someone online?
Not currently, but stay tuned!
Can you help me select a gift?
Absolutely! Our Stylists know the store inside and out and are happy to find the perfect gift for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions. They'll make the process simple and can even gift wrap, enclose a personal message and ship it for you.