Calling All Ladies of Athleisure

Oct 15, 2018

Can we all agree that the athleisure trend might just be the best thing to come out of fashion in the last 10 years? Because honestly, we LOVE that sweatsuits are no longer reserved for gym class & it’s socially acceptable to wear joggers & heels on a date or a sweatshirt with a pencil skirt to the office.

We also LOVE that Natalie Suarez is back with her second collection—The OFF-DUTY Collection INSPR-D by Natalie Off Duty—& she fully supports the “track suits are the new power suit” sentiment.

I think deep down inside, every girl has a sporty side, even if it's as simple as an appreciation for the stripe of a track pant.

Inspired by some of our fave 80s actresses (hi, Molly Ringwald), the line infuses glam details (yas, statement sleeves) & fabrics (we feel you, satin) with sporty silhouettes that are meant to be mixed & matched.

This trend goes hand-in-hand with what I like to call my "off duty" style. It's easy & casual yet can immediately feel elegant with a pair of heels... Each piece has both a masculine & feminine side.

Every piece is under $100 & available in sizes 0-18 (slow clap). This almost makes us wish we dressed for P.E. back in the day. Almost.

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