From Here On Out, It’s Silk & Only Silk

Jan 25, 2019

If you’ve dipped your toe into the Internet or really any social media lately then you’ve likely peeped a silk pillowcase here, there & subtly everywhere. Silk bedding, pajamas & robes have been around for some time—the wheel hasn’t been reinvented, but simply rediscovered on the Interwebs.

So here’s the deal: I brought home two silk pillowcases to test drive. I wanted in. The pillowcases in question are sleek at first sight—incredibly shiny & impressively gem-toned (midnight blue & merlot). They feel rich, elegant &, honestly, like the polished, put-together, older sister of my all-linen bedding. I didn’t even mind that I had pillows side by side in two different hues—this was in the name of sleep…err, research!

Night one, I was very into how cool the silk felt upon first cheek touch. Not to get too technical, but silk has a moisture-wicking property that I really do think stops the vicious cycle of pillow flipping. Face temp totally regulated!(Now 100% ogling these.)

Two other silk bennies: escaping bedhead (no bedhead, no way?!) & fewer snooze-induced wrinkles. Full disclosure: I don’t toss & turn a ton, but I do wake up with some pretty wayward locks.

No more! I am an everyday hair washer, so it hasn’t alleviated my compulsive need to do that, but I do wake up looking more civilized & less like I’ve been running headfirst into gale-force winds all night. And, if a work-from-home pajama day presented itself, I’d feel good not immediately putting my hair into a topknot.

To boot, I haven’t woken up a single morning with sleep creases—the true indicator of a fitful night of sleep—carved into my skin. I even daresay that my skin is less oily. That’s not an advertised benefit, but my own deeply rooted gut feeling.

Also deserving of a shout-out, the machine wash-ability. I would never get behind a pillowcase that I have to hand wash (because why?), but I’m happy that they rough & tumbled it in the washing machine & came out as good as ever.They are also hypoallergenic, a topic dear to me because I have so many allergens (read: cats) co-existing in my space.

Speaking of cats, they approved, too, meaning more nighttime cuddling. Whatever your opinion on the cuddling factor, mine is that it’s non-negotiable, so thanks pillowcases.