How to Holiday with Bambi

Nov 26, 2018

This is the only time of year when walking in a winter wonderland feels positively dreamy…& like something we’d actually want to do. Come January & we’ll be knee-deep in dirty snow, frozen noses & hands that are so bone-chilled they can’t even text properly (don’t get us started on how fast our phone battery conks out in that bitter cold).

But that’s then & this is now: Christmas music on repeat, parties around the clock & a feeling of wonder that makes the bone-chillingest days full of wonder. Which is why when we saw our Christmas campaign we were immediately ready to be in it…& since that’s not even a remote possibility, we did the next best thing—chatted up someone who was in it to pick her brain about this, the most wonder-full time of the year.

Meet Bambi Northwood Blyth, one of the stars of the season. You can find her on insta @bambilegit & also in the pages of our most recent catalogs.

The Q & A

Q:What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

As funny as it seems, a cashmere scarf! I’ve had it for nearly 10 years & take it EVERYWHERE! It’s so, so warm & super light. I wrap myself up on flights, it’s the best.

Q:Best gift you’ve ever given?

I adopted a cat for my family & she is such a beautiful addition to the family!

Q:Favorite holiday tradition?

Getting together with my family & sharing a story (usually something we didn’t share in the year).


Q:Re-gifting: duh, total $ saver OR no way, tacky!?

Duh! Why not!

Q:Do you have a fun White Elephant/Under $25/Stocking stuffer gift idea?

Cosmetics are my go to! I love a fresh face spray or a sheet mask.

Q:Are you more of a host-er or a party-goer?

Go-er, but I love to help the host & learn at the same time. Ask me next year, maybe I’ll be a host-er.

Editor’s note: Nothing helps the host like a “thanks-for-hosting” trio of gifts.

Q:What’s your go-to dish to make or bring (you know, now that everybody is gluten-, nut-, carb-free)?

Hmmmm, well wine fits into that category right? Otherwise I love to put together a really nice board of snacks. Crudité plates are my FAVE!

Q:Best drinks for a crowd?

Sparkling wine to start the party! But I also love herbal teas—some of my favorites are mint & rosemary.

Us again: Tea lovers, we can’t keep this tea advent calendar to ourselves.

Q:What will you be gifting yourself this year?

Is that a thing? I will have to do some research!

Q:What’s your go-to gift for holiday hosts that’s not a bottle of wine?

Q:Holiday parties—ugly sweater or dressed to the nines?

Dresses with a great sweater to cozy up at night.

Q:Holiday travel: what are 5 things you won’t hit the road without?

The cashmere scarf I mentioned before, a great book (usually a penguin classic), my film camera, supplements (like beauty waters, vitamins & teas) and gifts from NYC, like Christmas tree ornaments.

Q:Best self-care during the holidays.

Taking time to do things you run out of time to do in the workweek, like long walks, baths & all things chill.

Q:What’s a great gift for the most ungiftable person?

Make it personal—make a card, draw a picture, write a poem, a mixtape…get CREATIVE!

Q:#1 song on repeat during December.

Mariah Carey’s“All I Want for Christmas is You!

Q:What are you eyeing for yourself for holiday prezzies?

I just moved into a new apartment, so home stuff.

Q:Who do you get most excited to shop for & why?

My niece Ava. She is 1 & all things baby are adorable!

Q:Best holiday party ice breaker.

A Christmas sweater!

Q:Most awkward holiday memory.

Leaving my suitcase at the airport & forgetting it at the baggage carousel 😬.

Q:Why do you love the holidays?

Getting together with friends & family. Just the word holiday brings a smile to my face.

Q:How early do you start decorating, listening to holiday music, etc.?

I like to go to Macy’s, and get inspired. It is the best to get in the holiday spirit! And it has all the music and the windows. ❤

Thanks Bambi! We like you, too! So much gift-spiration this way.