Meet Accessories Expert Stephanie Muehlhausen, Vice President of Macy’s Fashion Office

Mar 12, 2018

Keeping up with what’s new and hot in the fashion industry is totally a full-time job. Just ask Stephanie Muehlhausen, the Vice President of Macy’s Fashion Office and the authority on all things accessories. So, what does it take to become one of the best fashion forecasters in the biz? We asked Stephanie to dish on the details of her stylish job.

Q:How did you get your start in the fashion industry?

My first job was an internship in London at Harvey Nichols in the Designer Dress Buying Office. Our office was responsible for dressing the Royals for specific social events. This was an amazing opportunity to learn about the fashion world!

Q:What’s one item in your closet you could never live without?

A black leather moto jacket! This is the most versatile item in my closet. It looks fabulous with everything, paired with denim or over a cocktail dress for an edgy look.

Q:Can you tell us the runway-worthy accessory that every woman should have on hand?

Every woman should have an amazing pair of statement earrings. On the runway, it’s all about ear candy right now. There are so many amazing versions; oversized, exaggerated hoops, sculptured earrings, and the unbalanced, mismatched earring is the newest and coolest. Bigger is better when it comes to earrings, with shoulder-grazing drop and dangle earrings being an important trend. Don’t stop with just one pair, layer up the ear with a cuff for an Instagram-worthy look.

Q:Besides fashion, what are your other hobbies or interests?

I love to travel and every year I explore a new destination. I recently went on a South African Safari, which I highly recommend! My next stop is Bilbao, Spain to visit the Guggenheim Museum. I like to learn about new places, different cultures and the people that make them unique. The beach is my sanctuary! My favorite activities are running on the boardwalk, biking to Asbury Park and drinking rosé on the porch at my beach house.

Q:What’s the best part of working in the Macy’s Fashion Office?

Changing the world through fashion and the opportunity to dress America! I also feel fortunate to be part of an amazing creative team. I believe we have the most talented people in the retail industry!

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