July 10, 2019

We’re still reeling from team USA’s epic soccer win against the Netherlands on Sunday, & we’re most def feeling the ticker-tape parade NYC is throwing in their honor this AM: hard yes to all the confetti.

There was no better way to wrap up 4th of July weekend with a game that sealed a record-breaking hot streak. Not only did the team make their coach Jill Ellis—who became the first female coach to capture two FIFA World Cup titles—super proud, but they also took home the most women’s World Cup wins for the USA (four) & scored the most goals in a single tournament.

So because these ladies are literally #goals & we can’t stop celebrating, we checked in with some of our Macy’s work wives (& husbands) about the game.

I played competitive soccer growing up & have watched every women’s World Cup since I was a child, so this win was emotional for me!

Q:What inspires you most about the win?

They did not hide their confidence in their abilities & their belief that they are the best in the world. They exemplified teamwork & were unapologetic in their celebrations & speaking out about equal pay. That is all inspirational for women everywhere.

Rachel Bryson-Brockmann, Creative Copywriter

After racing home from the airport (from 4th of July weekend) to watch the game on the tele, I celebrated with a serious fist pump.

Q:What’s your #1 girl-themed sports movie?

Maybe it’s because I have soccer on the brain, but: She’s the Man. It’s Shakespearean. It’s hysterical. It’s quotable. It’s got Channing Tatum. And it’s all about girl power. What more could you want?

Beth Edwards, Creative Copy Manager

I can’t imagine taking a team sport to this kind of level—beyond cool. GO LADIES.

Q:Tell us about some of your feels after the win.

Team USA’s energy is so inspiring, & the way these women work together is incredibly badass. I really admire how they push themselves to the limit.

Dina-Marie Kolman, Designer

Girl power! We can do anything we set our minds to.

Q:Is there a sports motto that you live by?

Winning is a habit, success is a choice.

Carolyn Booke, Senior Copy Manager


Q:Who’s your favorite lady in sports & why?

Without thinking twice, Megan Rapinoe—for her honesty, integrity & compromise in regard to equality.

Monica Lopez, Senior Translator

Susan B. Anthony said this over 100 years ago: 'Join the union, girls, & together say Equal Pay for Equal Work.' It's about time we put that into action.

Q:What's a sports song that you could 100% play on loop?

“We Will Rock You” is my favorite sports song…it always makes me think of the Mighty Ducks.
Nicole McGovern, Copywriter
They've done this 4 times—WOW! Simply mind boggling for any sport.

Q:Did you play a sport growing up or do you play one now? What’s your best memory from playing sports?

I played a lot of sports as a kid & am still playing today. I was in a bowling league in the early 2000s, & we placed 1st out of 8 teams in our second year of competing. What a great run that was.

Kenneth San Diego, Copywriter

Q:How did you watch the game on Sunday?

I watched the end of the game with my cat & watched my cat watch the game—she loves herself some good sportsball!

Donna Lipton, Copy Manager

Game on: live your best sporty lifestyle this summer with some of our fave picks.

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