Why We’re Wearing What Ansel’s Wearing

Aug 1, 2018

Fragrances are like time travel, but way better since time travel isn’t a real thing…yet. Stick with us now—we’re not the first (& we won’t be the last) to tell you that scent is a thing of power.

Even a split-second, passing whiff of the perfume we far-too-generously doused ourselves in for the greater part of middle school takes us right back to those crowded, sweaty, awkward halls, where braces & basically all-out bodily confusion reigned supreme. We’re betting you have a similar throwback to your first fragrance.

Which is why we’re totally on board with Ralph Lauren Polo’s new cologne Red Rush. First & foremost, it smells like a fresh citrus & mint explosion that is coincidentally happening inside an intoxicatingly woody cedar closet. Trust us, it’s a hybrid scent worthy of deep breathing & heavy wearing.

But second, Ansel Elgort is the face behind it all & he’s far more than a face (although, hello to quite the face). We rapid-fired a few questions at Ansel during the Polo Red Rush launch party & quickly realized we’d forever shower in the scent just to remember our 15 seconds next to fame—for real, Ansel is a really cool guy.

THE Q & A:

Q:What’s the best part of your life right now?

My work & my girlfriend.

Q:What’s the theme song to your life?

Talking Heads: “Home is where I want to be…”

(Side note from us: yes, he actually sang it & it’s officially called “This Must Be the Place.”)

Q:Hidden party trick talent?


Q:Style inspiration?

Mick Jagger

Q:Do you listen to your voicemail?


Q:TV show you’ve watched over & over?

Rick & Morty

(Side note from us: pretty sure Ansel would be into these tees.)

Q:Most worn item in your closet?

My underwear.

Q:What did your first crush smell like?

That’s a long time ago…like pillows.

Q:Best advice?

Do what you like to do.

Q:What are you doing after this?

I am going to go meet my girlfriend.

Q:Do you blow-dry your hair?


Q:Cone or cup?

It realllllly depends.

Q:Beach or pool?

Beach then pool.

Q:Bears, tigers or lions?


Q:Bubbles or tap water?


Q:Describe the fragrance.

Bold, robust & spicy.

Q:Dream car?

I have too many. I want the Bentley SUV though in pink. That’d be crazy.

Q:What gives you a rush?

I went to a carnival the other day & I rode the rides. It was awesome.

Ansel’s last words:

That was fun.

We agree, Ansel & thanks to Red Rush, we’ll have this memory on repeat for the foreseeable, smell-able future.

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