Skin care for every type

Skin Care for
Every Skin Type

While adopting a regular skin care routine of cleansing, treating and moisturizing is essential for everyone, the first step in finding the right products for you is to understand your skin type. Everyone's skin is unique. Find the best skin care for your skin type, whether you have oily skin, dry skin, normal skin or a combination of them all.

Dry skin


If your skin feels tight after cleansing, you'd describe your pores as small, and you think your skin can sometimes look rough or even flaky, you likely have dry skin. This skin type is thirsty for hydration! Look for products created to hydrate and protect, opting for rich cream formulas, moisturizing masks and even oils to help replenish and provide skin with a natural healthy-looking glow.

Oily skin


When you have oily skin, there's a good chance you know it. Fighting shine and visible pores, and dealing with frequent breakouts is something you're all too familiar with. The silver lining is that oily skin shows the fewest signs of aging! Still, finding the right skin care routine is important. Look for products designed to balance your skin tone, cleanse twice daily and avoid the biggest pitfall—overdrying your skin, which will actually have a reverse effect, causing skin to produce even more oil to compensate for what's been lost. Instead, choose alcohol-free astringents and oil-free moisturizing lotions or gel formulas to hydrate without the worry of causing extra shine.

Sensitive skin


Sensitive skin is the most delicate skin type, prone to redness and irritation brought on by a variety of fragrances and ingredients in products. To care for sensitive skin, look for mild fragrance- and alcohol-free products that have been tested and proven safe for sensitive skin types.

Dry sensitive skin


Some skin requires extra-special care, and that's the case with dry sensitive skin. In addition to following the product recommendations for sensitive skin types, opt for ultra-moisturizing cream moisturizers or face oils when available.

Combination skin


If you've ever felt like your skin has multiple personalities (one day it's oily, the next dry, or maybe it even changes from morning to night), you've got combination skin. With this skin type you may have drier cheeks or patches of dryness while your T-zone (the area that runs across your forehead, nose and chin) is prone to having larger pores and typically battling afternoon shine. Ideally, you'd treat combination skin with a combination of products. Apply products recommended for dry skin on the drier areas of the face and use products recommended for oily skin to treat your T-zone.

Normal skin


Normal skin is what we all strive for! It's a complexion in perfect balance with just the right amount of oil and water to look healthy and beautiful. To maintain normal skin, regular cleansing, gentle exfoliation and using a lightweight daily moisturizer is essential. In between skin types? Look for formulas geared toward normal to combination skin.