What's Brewing? Types of Coffee Makers

Calling all coffee lovers: we've got a new brew for you! Pour over our selection of coffee and espresso makers to get the café quality you crave and love in your own coffeehouse. Bring your favorite craft coffee drinks home with our high-tech lineup of coffee makers and espresso machines.

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The standard go-to for coffee in most homes is the drip maker. It brews anywhere from 4 to 12 cups and is popular for convenience, ease and programmability.

How It Brews

Water from the reservoir passes through a heating tube, saturates the grinds in the brew basket and drips into the carafe.

Helpful hint: Choosing a coffee maker with a built-in grinder lets you prep beans right before you brew, which means a fresher flavor and richer roast.

Programmable Features
  • Not a morning person? With 24-hour programmability, the coffee maker will rise early, so you can have a cup in hand first thing.
  • Too busy to stick around for the entire brew?
    Pause features let you grab a cup mid-brew.
  • Craving a stronger flavor or aroma?
    Strength selectors cater every cup to your taste.
  • Wondering when that pot was brewed?
    Freshness timers keep tabs on that.
  • Turning off the coffee maker not the first thing on your mind? Auto shut-off is a must-have.

For a Richer Pour

Keep it clean.

Coffee oils cling and interfere with flavor. For fresh taste, wash out the pot and filter basket with every new pot, clean the coffee maker once a week and descale once a month.

Be generous.

Dish out more beans! A weak blend doesn't mean a bad coffee maker. For a better brew, use one full tablespoon of ground coffee for every 8 ounces (about 227 grams) of water.

Wait a minute.

If you have the time, resist the urge to hit the brew pause. The first cup of coffee carries the most flavor and strength. For a balanced blend, wait for the entire pot to brew.

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An instant favorite! A single-serve brewer creates gourmet coffee, tea, hot chocolate and more by the cup, so every drink is made just for you. Simply pop in a pod and in nearly an instant, your morning is made.

How It Brews

Grounds or brews are prepared in a single serve pod. Once the machine has warmed up, insert the pod, ready your mug, press brew and have a full cup in no time at all.

Helpful Hint: Teatime in no time at all! Skip the teapot and get boiling water on demand by simply omitting the pod. Plus, some brewers have filter accessories that make it easy to brew your favorite grinds as well. And with endless flavors, you can explore the world of coffee and tea, all in the comfort of your home.

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Your go-to for a quick pick-me-up! Brewing fast and under high pressure, espresso machines extract even more flavor and aroma than most other methods. Check out an espresso machine with a coffeemaker built in—you can have your espresso and coffee, too!

Pump Espresso Maker

Using Thermo-Block system coils to flash heat water to precise, unique temperatures for both brewing and steaming, the pump espresso maker is perfect for achieving crema and providing continuous steam for cappuccinos and lattes.

Before You Brew: Factor in a small lag time caused by the different temperatures required for brewing, steaming and frothing.

Helpful hint: There's no need to wait for the machine to cool before opening the stopper, so you can keep steaming and brewing. Plus, brewing and steaming are two separate processes that use two separate temperatures, so espresso will never get overcooked and ruined.

Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker

Keeping tabs on the perfect brewing temperature, a semi-automatic machine turns off the heat when the boiler temperature changes. Plus, an automated pump maintains and regulates pressure for a more consistent blend.

Before You Brew: Remember most semi-automatic machines don't have an auto-on or auto-off time, so make time in the morning to turn it on—and don't forget to shut it off!

Helpful hint: Top off every drink! Most machines have wands to add the finishing touches—steam or froth—to every café-quality drink.

Fully Super Automatic Espresso Maker

One touch is all it takes! At the press of a button, this versatile machine grinds, doses, tamps and brews.

Helpful Hint: Consistent, repeated extractions mean a more balanced blend, intensity and flavor. Most machines also have a built-in wand for frothing, steaming and topping off your favorite lattes and cappuccinos.

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The easiest and most minimal of all brewing systems, the French press combines coarsely ground beans and fresh boiling water and keeps essential oils in the brew for the purest flavor.

How It Brews

Boiling water and coarse grinds sit together in the carafe and after four minutes the plunger is pushed slowly down, trapping the grinds at the bottom. When you pour a cup, the brew is sent through a mesh filter (versus a paper filter) that lets more of the coffee's flavor and essential oils pass through.

Before You Brew: Are you getting fresh? For the purest, strongest and freshest flavor, grind your own beans at home right before you start the French press process.
•  Try a pour-over brewer, which makes small batches of coffee using the basic drip coffee method with a cone-shaped filter over a cup or carafe.

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Oh so chill and totally smooth. Cold brew is for coffee connoisseurs who want a boost of caffeine without the bitter after-taste you usually get with hot or iced coffee.

How It Brews

Instead of using boiling water, a cold brewer uses room-temperature water to steep coarse-ground coffee for over 12 hours and then strained to remove the grounds. This creates a more concentrated form of coffee than iced coffee, which is typically hot filtered coffee that's chilled with ice, usually diluting the taste. This also means that there's much more caffeine content in cold-brew coffee than iced coffee.


Now you can be the barista right in the comfort of your home! Take your coffee-making skills up a notch with these must-have coffee accessories.

Coffee Grinder

The best-tasting coffee starts with the freshest grounds, and grinding coffee beans right before you brew ensures you get the true, rich flavors of your favorite blends.
•  A blade coffee grinder uses a fan-like blade to grind and chop the beans, and is the less expensive option.
•  A burr coffee grinder uses serrated cone-shaped or flat burrs to crush beans, and is the preferred option for espresso drinks.

Milk Frother

This tool heats up and aerates milk into a foamy, frothed texture—the perfect topper to lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos and more! You can find hand pump frothers, which requires manually pumping the milk to create froth, as well as motorized whisks and electric frothers, which do the work for you and can create larger amounts more easily.

Tea Kettles & Electric Kettles

•  Tea Kettles: Hot stuff, coming through! This traditional kettle is typically used on a stovetop and features a drip-free spout and silicone or grip-safe handle. It's also usually made with a stain-resistant material.
•  Electric Kettles: With the ability to boil water in a breeze, an electric kettle is a convenient countertop appliance that's sure to be a time saver!

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