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The Tech Traveler: Luggage & Travel Tech

Raise a hand if you’re a tech junkie…you probably have both hands raised; Macy’s does too! Reap the benefits of technology with tech luggage—suitcases these days are getting so smart, they might just start taking vacations on their own.

New tech luggage or travel tech can lock itself, weigh itself, be tracked remotely, charge your phone and even send you an alert if you move too far away from it—not to mention it’s made from super strong materials.

If you’re a tech-savvy traveler, you need to get on-board this tech travel trend. Shop Macy’s for tech luggage and travel tech accessories in top travel brands such as Travelpro, Heys, Delsey and more!

What is Tech Luggage? Tech luggage is any suitcase or travel bag that contains high-tech capabilities such as device charging, remote app-enabled controls, electronic scales or locks, proximity alarms and Bluetooth connectivity. Tech luggage is usually hard-shelled or hardsided, comes in both checked bag and carry-on sizes and can combine any of these features. If you love technology as much as we do, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of tech luggage.

What Are the Benefits of Travel Tech Luggage?

1. On-the-Go Charging. You won’t have to worry about your phone’s or laptop’s battery running low (during those dreaded layovers and waiting periods) with high-tech luggage that includes a removable battery and USB port. Luggage with USB chargers like carry-ons, backpacks and briefcases are super convenient for the tech business traveler that needs to remain “logged on” at their gate and also in the air.

2. Better with Bluetooth. Do you tend to overpack? You’re not alone! With tech luggage that incorporates a built-in Bluetooth-enabled scale, you can easily check the weight of the bag from an app on your phone before you leave the house. Some travel tech bags can even include a built-in Bluetooth TSA lock. This allows you to remotely lock or unlock your luggage from an app on your phone for convenience and peace of mind during your travels.

3. Check-In Friendly. To sail smoothly through check-in, go with travel tech bags or suitcases that are powered by AAA batteries and not Lithium Ion. They tend to be check-in friendly and compliant with most airline regulations.

Tech Travel Tip: Be sure to check the type of battery in your tech luggage against the airline regulations you’re traveling with. While dry cell alkaline batteries such as your typical AAA are commonly accepted, dry cell rechargeable, lithium ion and lithium metal batteries can be accepted but with some limits. That’s why it’s important to check before arriving!

4. Track Your Tech Luggage. Never leave your (inanimate) travel companion behind with tech luggage that includes proximity alerts. A built-in proximity sensor will alert you when you’re a certain distance away from your luggage—you may even receive a text or alert message that says, “You are leaving me behind.” This will help keep track of your luggage if it gets lost and help ensure you won’t forget it in the overhead rack when you’re in a rush to exit the plane…or come back for it if you already have.

5. Durability. Most tech luggage is hard-shell or hardside and made with strong polycarbonate materials. This means it’s extremely durable with high impact resistance, so it can withstand the not-so-gentle supervision of airline baggage handlers or TSA officials and offer your valuables better protection.

What Tech Travel Accessories Do I Need?

If your budget doesn’t allow for tech luggage, grab some tech travel accessories instead! Many of these products allow you to stay connected during your travels, too. Shop top travel brands like Samsonite, Go Travel, Travelon and more!

1. USB Adapter. A USB adapter is portable and can be packed in your carry-on to use when your mobile devices need a quick charge. Some brands carry worldwide adapters, so you can keep crucial electronics charged no matter where you are.

2. Travel Scale. Save time, money and headaches and stop worrying if your luggage will pass the test—determine if your bag is overweight before you head to the airport with a travel scale. You have the option of manual or digital travel scales; both are compact and easy to read.

3. TSA Lock. Secure your suitcase with a TSA lock. These are the only approved luggage locks that allow the TSA to open your lock (and luggage) with a universal key if deemed necessary to ensure that it is safe for travel.

4. RFID Travel Wallet. Protect and organize your financial essentials with a RFID travel wallet. This type of travel wallet includes RFID technology that helps to shield your credit cards from electronic intrusion.

5. RFID Passport Holder. Traveling abroad? Protect your passport with a RFID passport holder. This type of passport holder uses the same RFID technology to help shield personal data in your passport from electronic intrusion.

5. Anti-Theft Bags. Keep your most important items safe while traveling with an anti-theft bag. These types of bags can feature slash-resistant body panels and shoulder straps, lockable compartments, lockdown straps, RFID-blocking card and passport slots and pockets. Travelon has a great assortment ranging from crossbody bags to backpacks to clutches and more!