Underseat Luggage

How do you decide which personal item to place underneath your seat? Don’t worry, we’re explaining the various types of underseat luggage and their benefits. Shop the best luggage brands including Victorinox Swiss Army, London Fog, Lipault, Delsey and more, available at Macy’s.

What Are the Benefits of Underseat Luggage?

1. No fights for the overhead bins. Overhead bins tend to get crowded very easily, and sometimes you might have to end up checking in your bags at the last moment. Save this hassle by using underseat luggage.

2. Easy access to personal items. During a long flight, you’ll want to keep certain items handy in your underseat luggage such as your passport, wallet, neck pillow, sleeping mask and headphones.

3. Less cumbersome. Featuring sleeker designs, underseat luggage is easier to maneuver through cramped aisles.

What Are the Different Types of Underseat Luggage?

1. Underseat Wheeled Suitcases.
If you’re a business traveler, we highly recommend underseat wheeled suitcases. Your laptop can be stored in a padded sleeve and will be easily accessible to do work during your flight. There is also plenty of room for your personal items.

2. Backpacks. If you’re traveling for pleasure, then a backpack is the ideal underseat travel companion. You can bring your laptop or tablet to watch movies or play games during your flight. When you’re ready to rest, you’ll have your neck pillow, blanket and noise-cancelling headphones nearby.

3. Travel Handbags. You are only allowed one personal item, so you must choose wisely. If you like everything at your fingertips during your flight, take a travel tote. This large handbag can accommodate a laptop plus your travel essentials. If you like to pack light, get a hands-free crossbody bag to fit your ticket, passport, phone and wallet.

4. Weekender Bag. Holding all your travel accessories plus your everyday necessities, the weekender bag is a must-get for your next escape. This oversized tote bag can accommodate your tablet, magazines, makeup, outfit change and then some.

5. Laptop Bag. Whether you’re traveling for business or catching up on your favorite shows, your computer will be safely guarded in a laptop bag. Check out styles with multiple compartments for your files, pens, notebooks and such. For a sleek look, we’re loving leather laptop bags.