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Swaddle Blankets

Just welcomed a new addition to the family? Congrats on the little one! Now it’s time to take care of baby at home. Keep your bundle of joy cozy and comfy with must-have swaddle blankets. Not sure how to use swaddle blankets? We’ve got adorable ones you can’t wait to use for your little boy or girl. Stock up on these cute essentials for swaddling and find out what else you can use these blankets for.

Safe & Snug
You might be wondering, what is swaddling? It’s a way of wrapping your baby up in a blanket and said to help them feel calmer and safer, emulating a similar feeling of being inside the womb. By being bundled up, it also gives them a sense of security and can help prevent them from jerking or reflexing in their sleep, which may sometimes startle them awake.

Swaddling Like a Pro
You may have learned how to swaddle at the hospital, but here are the basic steps: first, take the top corner of the blanket and fold it down, placing baby’s head above the edge. Then, tuck baby’s left arm along their side and fold the corner of the same side over their body, followed by folding up the bottom corner up. Lastly, tuck baby’s right arm along their side and fold the same corner over their body, tucking the excess underneath. Just make sure they’re not bundled too tight or too constricted.

What Type of Blanket to Use for Swaddle
Shopping for swaddle blankets but not sure what to look for? Make sure to look for larger square designs in order to follow the swaddling technique properly and have enough material to cover and wrap your little one. Go for cute colors, sweet prints, fun-loving characters—oh my! We love versatile multipacks that can be used as burp cloths, nursing covers, a regular blanket and much more.

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