• Ardell - Magnetic Lashes - Accents 001
  • Ardell - Magnetic Lashes - Accents 001
  • Ardell - Magnetic Lashes - Accents 001
Ardell - Magnetic Lashes - Accents 001
Ardell - Magnetic Lashes - Accents 001
Ardell - Magnetic Lashes - Accents 001
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Customize your gorgeous eye look! Ardell's Magnetic Accents Lashes feature groundbreaking multi-magnet technology with smaller, virtually invisible magnets, strategically embedded end to end, for complete magnetic contact, so the upper and lower lashes lock together and lay down seamlessly along your natural lash line. Smaller magnets plus more of them equals a more secure hold and a more subtle appearance.

  • Light volume, medium length
  • Accent lash; half the width of a regular strip lash
  • Most natural accent lash
  • Flared lash style; shorter at the inner corner and longer at the outer corner
  • Staggered lengths
  • Pre-curved band for perfect contour fit
  • 100% human hair
  • Invisiband provides an undetectable lash band and the most comfortable wear
  • Align the lash band with your natural lash line to check the fit, then trim the outer end if required
  • Gently remove upper magnetic lash from tray and lay on top of your natural lash line
  • Gently remove lower magnetic lash from tray and place beneath your natural lash line to connect the two Magnetic Lash strips together
  • To remove, use your index finger and thumb and carefully slide top and bottom magnets away from each other, one by one; do not pull lashes straight off
  • To help extend the life of these lashes, store lashes in tray when not in use

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    Mar 02, 2022
    Incentivized Review
    I really want false

    I really want false lashes to work for me and it’s been a struggle so far. These also did not work for me. I love the concept but I cannot get these to go on properly. I’ve watched videos, I’ve tried numerous different techniques with and without the applicator. I just can’t get them to sit properly. At all. Im planning to try them one at a time with magnetic liner. I do like the size and style of the lashes. Just the magnet sandwich part doesn’t work for me.

    Customer review from influenster.com
    Jan 24, 2022
    Incentivized Review
    There is a learning

    There is a learning curve to getting these to work but once you figure it out they are stuck on all night. I got the accents because of my small eyes. I did trim them so they weren’t as long to make them a little more natural looking.

    Customer review from influenster.com
    Jan 21, 2022
    Pay the professional!

    Took alot of practice to apply and then I didn't like the bulky look. Not natural or comfortable at all. Tossed them.

    Dec 21, 2021
    Incentivized Review
    I was not sure

    I was not sure about trying these but they worked great! You put on the magnetic “glue” a few time and then they just pop on. They stayed on all night which is usually longer than when I use the lash glue.

    Customer review from influenster.com
    Nov 26, 2021
    Incentivized Review
    Was impossible to get

    Was impossible to get them in the right spot, once I did I felt like they weighed down my eyelashes getting in the way of my sight and was afraid they’d damage my real lashes. Returned immediately

    Customer review from influenster.com
    Oct 01, 2021
    Not for me too hard to use.

    too hard to put on Tried several times I need to be able to put them on quickly. for work and these dont have enough magnetic. Why dont they just put a whole magnet strip across the lash instead of pieces .

    Jul 21, 2021
    Incentivized Review
    Magnetic lashes as changed

    Magnetic lashes as changed the game for me. I never used to put on lashes but it’s inarguably just easier to put on now and elevates the look. I don’t like how it looks if you have to take off the lashes but regular ones do the same thing, where it takes of a little bit of eyeliner.

    Customer review from influenster.com
    Jun 27, 2021

    False lashes are usually very tough for me to use, but I love these magnetic lashes. They stick together, so there’s no need for glue. The magnets were definitely stronger than I expected, and they stayed in place all day and were very comfortable to wear.

    Customer review from influenster.com