Acne + Acne Scar Treatment with UV Chromophores

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Acne + Acne Scar Treatment with UV Chromophores


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Treat acne and acne scarring with this all in one, award winning, best acne treatment developed to effectively target acne-causing factors for dramatically improved tone and texture. See visible improvements in blemishes, breakouts and both new and old scars.

  • WHAT IT DOES - Stimulates the production of collagen, fibronectin and other structural proteins below the skin's surface, causing depressed, atrophic scarring to naturally "fill" over time
  • Targets the cause of acne using bioactive compounds that mimic nutrients present within the skin's natural composition
  • Revolutionary formula utilizes Hyper-Natural biologically active compounds to re-establish cellular communication-stimulating the body's own self-healing mechanisms
  • Developed using a 360-approach to acne driven by technology and research to rapidly provide visible and lasting results
  • Utilizes a proprietary BactoStat Complex with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to work both above and below the skin's surface
  • Improves the cellular metabolism of dysfunctional skin cells
  • Effectively provides both retroactive and preventative care by targeting multiple acne-causing factors for clearer skin
  • Controls oil/sebum production by gradually normalizing sebaceous gland activity over time
  • Can be used both all over the face or as a spot treatment, on new and old scarring
  • HOW TO USE - Massage a SMALL pea-sized amount on a cleansed, dry face as your complete care treatment Use twice daily
  • Allow the treatment to sink into the skin for a few minutes prior to makeup application
  • Can also be used as a targeted spot treatment in conjunction with other Bionova treatment products
  • For best results use after the Bioactive Antibacterial Treatment Cleanser and Bioactive Cream Activator for Acne Skin and supplement your weekly regimen with the Bioactive Treatment Mask for Acne Skin
  • KEY INGREDIENTS - Bioflavonoids, short-chain polypeptides, antioxidants, essential amino and nucleic acids, glycoproteins, bioactive vitamins and coenzymes, antimicrobial/antibacterial substrates and other essential nutrients
  • Wipe Clean
  • Made in USA

Web ID: 10331029

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    Mar 25, 2023
    Old Customer

    I love this brand - I been using them for years from Barneys and its been life changing - they had customized skincare before which was more expensive. I started using this line now and still delivers the results. I loved them before & now. I use this now only on rare occasions I break out. I used to have sever acne and deep scars. This literally healed my acne and the scars healed over time. I have now smooth clear skin and use their regular products - this is still in my rotation ...wont use any other product!

    Jo M
    Dec 21, 2022
    from Charleston, SC
    Funky smell: not for me

    I cannot comment on whether this works or not. It has such a strong smell of sulfur and rotting fruit that I had to toss it after a couple of uses.

    Jul 20, 2022

    I got the bigger one after trying the kit - I been using it 2 times a day now and just use this as my daily moisturizer even though my skin is clear ands stable - I decided to just continue as nothing else kept it this clear and this smooth for this long...not drying at all. Very happy and yes it does have a strong vitamin smell and I did have few days of detox on the kit - now its been stable and clear and just keeping it up!

    Apr 21, 2022

    Don’t waste your money. I have never been so disappointed in a product in my life. Not only does it smell like an animal died in the jar, it doesn’t even work. It left my skin worse than I started. Save yourself money and go run cow manure on your face, it’s basically the same thing.

    Nov 29, 2021

    I suffer from adult acne, and have acne scars. I used it less than a week, and have shown visible less scars on my face. The only thing that I can’t deal with is the smell. But to me, the scars on the face are less visible to me & are worth doing it for the smell. I rated it a 4 out of 5 because of that reason. If it wasn’t for that, it would be a 5 out of 5!

    Nov 27, 2021
    Expensive and smelly

    This is expensive but it was on sale so I decided to try for teens acne but it smells terrible so he won't use. I am not using smell adverse but this one is really bad and it lingers so I'll use it up on my back acne and not purchase again.

    Jul 09, 2020
    IT WORKS!!!

    A friend suggest this product & OMG!!!!! I have used so many things over the years and the acne just kept coming back just as much. I have used this now for 2 months and MY ACNE IS STAYING AWAY!!! My skin also feels smoother, pores are smaller and my complexion is really radiant overall. My new BFF