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NYX Professional Makeup has the ultimate weapon for your war on shine! Shine Killer is an oil-absorbing, anti-shine primer that creates a visible barrier between your skin and your makeup, acting as a buffer from outside elements. This oil-free formula is infused with vitamin E for a boost of hydration to help your skin stay fresh and your foundation stay true for hours. End your war on shine and get the smooth matte finish you've been waiting for with Shine Killer!

  • Face primer prepares skin for silky smooth makeup application with a matte finish
  • Oil-free, lightweight, colorless gel formula
  • Anti-shine and oil absorbing
  • Infused with vitamin E
  • Apply to clean skin with fingertips
  • Take special care in applying to your T-zone and areas where your skin gets especially oily
  • Pro Tip: Allow a couple of minutes before applying liquid foundations, so the mattifying barrier can set

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Customer reviews

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    Apr 15, 2024
    Very hard to use

    This product used to be a nice creamy primer that was easy to use & came out of the bottle with a smooth consistency. But now it comes out in small crumbled pieces which is very hard to hold & handle. Most of the time it falls in the sink or on the counter making it very hard to pick up & use.

    Customer review from NYX Professional Makeup
    Response from NYX Professional Makeup
    Apr 16, 2024

    Mar 06, 2024
    from Colorado

    I cannot even believe Charcoal was added to this product. You should realize the original wo Charcoal was absolutely the BEST product on the market. I am 56 years old and have had extremely oily facial skin since I was 13 years old. I have tried so many products over the years. My make up looked amazing when I used the original Shine Killer. I could wear the Shine Killer alone and it would make my skin look amazing. I have had people ask me if I have had work done when I wear the original Shine Killer. Now I cannot wear it alone; as the result is a dirty face. Even under my makeup it is discoloring my make up. How does adding black fix anything? You have ruined your product. You could be best in class with the original Shine Killer.

    Customer review from NYX Professional Makeup
    Response from NYX Professional Makeup
    Mar 07, 2024

    Feb 22, 2024
    from Los Angeles
    Good but needs improvement

    Once I opened it was clumpy and not smooth , you get a little bit in the bottle, not sure why it's not full. Once you apply it ( used it on my hand first) it's extremely smooth and it glides well. Lasted a few hours

    Customer review from NYX Professional Makeup
    Jan 26, 2024
    from OH

    Terrible product. Unsealed tube, squeezed it and product came shooting out all over the floor. I recapped it, shook it and tried again. Same thing. Disappointed!

    Customer review from NYX Professional Makeup
    Response from NYX Professional Makeup
    Jan 29, 2024

    Jan 18, 2024
    Great and inexpensive product

    I found this pore filler as a less expensive version of that product. It works beautifully. I am very happy with it and have used it for years now.

    Customer review from NYX Professional Makeup
    Tas G
    Jan 18, 2024
    from Ga
    Excellent purchase 👌👍

    Awesome inexpensive product. Great product to use with or without makeup. Silky soft finish. I purchased 3 at One time. The makeup it awesome highly recommend stays on great variety of colors. Blurr is the makeup I use over my armoni when needing that extra coverage

    Customer review from NYX Professional Makeup
    Disappointed beauty
    Jan 17, 2024

    THE WORST primer I hsve ever used! Comes out clumpy the tube spits it out and you lose some.

    Customer review from NYX Professional Makeup
    Response from NYX Professional Makeup
    Jan 22, 2024

    Jan 15, 2024
    from Cocoa Beach, FL
    Product shoots out fast but a good filler

    Great for my mature face lines but it comes out of tube dry and often shoots across the room. Birthing the product from tube to hand could be improved upon.

    Customer review from NYX Professional Makeup