Area Rugs

    You’ve readjusted the furniture and maybe even bought some beautiful new pieces. Everything should be working together beautifully, but somehow, something isn’t quite right. How can you create a cohesive design that works with your space?

    With area rugs from Macy’s, of course! We have rugs that can tie your home decor together, whatever your layout. From outdoor area rugs perfect for the patio to bath rugs ideal for giving wet feet a soft place to land, you’ll find a whole range of designs and shapes right here.

    Ready to get started? Here are a few ideas about how to decorate with area rugs.

    In the Living Room
    Choosing an area rug isn’t as hard as it seems. For living rooms, look for larger sizes, like 9 x 10 area rugs, that cover a lot of floor space.

    It’s okay (better, even) if you can’t fit every piece of furniture in the living room on top of it. It’s more important that your area rug fits underneath one or two focal points, like your sofa and coffee table. Be sure to use a rug pad so that your area rug stays perfectly in place.

    If there’s any bare floor leftover that needs covering, it’s possible to put a smaller accent rug there. Something like a fluffy flokati or bright kilim, for example. Think of it as another opportunity to add color, pattern or texture to the room’s overall design.

    In the Dining Room
    The dining room is another spot that’s suitable for an area rug. Unlike the living room, a dining room looks more polished when the important furniture fits on top of a rug. We recommend looking for large-scale floor coverings like 8 x 10 area rugs that can accommodate a substantial dining room table and chairs.

    In the Bedroom
    Does your bedroom look too busy or simply blah? Round area rugs are excellent for creating vignettes within the bedroom. Lay down a round rug, put a chair, lamp or small side table on top of it, and…voila! You’ve got a new reading nook.

    Get Everything for the Home, All Right Here
    Now you’re ready to shop. Help your home look its best with area rugs, furniture and more from Macy’s.

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