Are you experiencing some serious wanderlust? Fly into Macy’s for your luggage needs. From duffel bags to checked luggage, we’re unpacking the different types of travel bags you need for your next adventure. Check out the latest luggage and travel accessories from top brands, including Samsonite, Delsey, Travelpro, Tumi and more. 

    Luggage 101: 

    Carry-On Luggage.  Backpacks, travel totes, duffel bags and small rolling suitcases that meet the proper dimensions to take on the plane with you are categorized as carry-on luggage. These bags are stowed under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bins. Before you travel, please check with your airline for their specific carry-on size and weight regulations. 

    Checked Luggage. If you’re going on a longer trip or you love having tons of outfit options, you’ll need larger suitcases that have to be checked in. To prevent confusion at baggage claim, we suggest purchasing checked luggage in bold colors or prints that are easily recognizable. You don’t want your bags getting lost in a sea of black.  

    Luggage Sets. To make matters easier and more economical, we recommend buying a matching luggage set that includes a mixture of bags in different sizes and shapes.  

    Kids’ Luggage. If you’re traveling with your children, check out adorable luggage designed just for them. You’ll definitely want a backpack or mini rolling suitcase to store tons of activities to keep them occupied for the journey.  

    Laptop Bags. While you travel, keep your laptop properly protected in a specially designed bag. Providing lots of compartments to store everything you need for your office on the go, these bags are extremely handy for work trips. 

    Hardside Luggage. Crafted from durable and waterproof materials, hardside luggage is a prime luggage choice. If you tend to overpack, just be aware that these suitcases are not easily expandable.  

    Softside Luggage. 'Offering more compartments and expandable features, softside luggage is a perfect choice for those who tend to overstuff their suitcases. Just keep in mind that these bags are not ideal for rainy conditions.  

    Garment Bags. If you’re going away on business, you’ll want to keep your clothing as wrinkle-free as possible with garment bags. Featuring a hook to hang your outfits and plenty of compartments to organize your accessories, this travel luggage is a must-get.   

    Shopping Tips: Don’t forget to buy travel accessories, like luggage tags, luggage racks, passport holders, toiletry kits, travel pillows and more.  

    Claim your new baggage. Shop the latest luggage, available at Macy’s.

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