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Cut Out Dresses

Cut-out dresses aren’t just cookie-cutter. Do your homework; study an array of geometric cut-out shapes to discover just the right one. When a cut-out is confined to the back of a garment, it has room to play with the outline. Allow draping to combine with an inset, creating a sophisticated upright triangle atop the back of a dress. Choose draping and a single strip of fabric to try a downturned triangle instead. Relocate triangle cut-outs from the shoulder blades to the lower back, to create posh looks in fitted sheath or bandage dresses. Who knew straight lines could be the opposite of square? Let several strips of fabric converge at the zipper that runs down the back of the dress. It all comes together in a little black dress (LBD).

Abandon the LBD for bright fabrics and bolder shapes. Take on eye-shape outlines in brilliant red mini dresses. Draw cut-out dresses down to the floor in vibrant pink evening gowns, featuring diamonds missing from the fabric at the back. Bring a rectangular outline or pretty heart to floral dresses, or play with polka dots and glittery spots that match circular holes. Each ensemble looks stunning in sleeveless form. Bring on one sleeve to allow a cut-out to create a sharp asymmetry on a one-shoulder dress. Venture into dresses with cap or puff sleeves, to find more than one cut-out gracing the back.

Dresses with cut-out detailing at the back aren’t the only ones that feature multiple shapes. Cut-out dresses can feature two slits—revealing both shoulders, on each sleeve, or sitting on both sides of the waist. Abandon the mirrored symmetry to let one slit stay at the shoulder while one falls at the side. Bring three piercings to the fabric of the neckline, in a triad of triangles or the soft curve of teardrops. Discover uncountable cuts with an allover crochet knit; keep them concentrated to the waist, like a belt, or allow them to flow over the shoulder and around the neckline onto the back. Experience the array of cut-out dresses for women at Macy’s, plus juniors dresses that are a cut above the rest.