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D And G Light Blue

Discover a signature scent for the entire family with D&G Light Blue. Cedar notes inspire. Undercurrents of citrus and florals add sophistication. D&G perfume creates a distinctive fragrance for every day or a special occasion. Options are available for men, women and juniors. This allows families to share in the heady scent of D&G, bringing elegance to the classroom or the office.

Embrace the bold notes of D&G Light Blue. Men’s options provide a rich scent for every morning. Powerful bases, like mandarin and oak moss, conjure images of the woods. Subtle spices, such as juniper or pepper, provide unexpected undercurrents. Lush citrus heart-notes create a dynamic effect. Men’s cologne offers an undeniable scent for day or evening. Make a perfect first impression with ease.

Inspire smiles with D&G perfume. Women’s eau de toilette options feature elegant layers for every day. Top-notes, like green apples and citron, create a fresh effect. Floral bases, such as bluebells and white roses, infuse every spray with sophistication. Playful cedar-woods and amber add hints of the outdoors. These fragrances combine for a romantic sensibility, ideal for every casual event or date night.

Create a teen-worthy style with D&G body care products. Light Blue boasts more than perfume and cologne. Instead lotions, gels and more provide striking scents for juniors. Cream foundations hydrate the body and reduce blemishes. Extracts of jasmine and bamboo soothe. Bursting bead textures soften pores and promote clear skin. The use of musk bases, however, brings a luscious fragrance to every body. Citrus and floral heart-notes add drama offering mature scents to every teen.

D&G Light Blue provides a fragrance the entire family can enjoy. Men’s cologne impresses with its strong bases. Women’s perfume delights. Juniors options, like shower gels, body lotions and more, define every morning. Find these items today at Macy’s.