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Food Scale

Take the guesswork out of cooking measurements with the proper food scale. Whip up the perfect portion every time, by choosing the kitchen scale that fits your needs.

Need absolute precision? Weigh foods down to the pound, gram or ounce. Pick an option that can measure milliliters or fluid ounces of liquids. Don’t risk human error when it comes to math. Choose a scale that can subtract the container weight or add the weight of items together. For the gourmet chef, cook a recipe with perfect accuracy with the aid of a small scale that measures a maximum of two pounds.

Are you all about nutrition? Track nutrition and eat healthy with just the right portions. Choose a nutritional scale that knows almost a thousand different foods or can memorize data—to easily display calories and fat. Keep protein or fiber levels up and sodium, carbohydrate or cholesterol down by carefully tracking with the scale.

If choosing a digital scale isn’t about keeping portions down—but rather accommodating a high capacity—decide on a food scale that can weigh up to 22 pounds. Switch back and forth between measuring dry goods and liquid ingredients with the simple push of a button. Make sure a big batch of food doesn’t overcook, with a scale featuring a built-in timer and alarm.

For other hobbies—besides cooking—continue to use a food scale for any task at hand. Weigh mail at home or at the office to figure out the perfect postage every time. If your hobby is collecting tech products, toy around with a kitchen gadget with an easy to use touch glass display, fun to punch button controls or easy to read LCD screen.

Want to conserve batteries while carefully portioning food? Opt for an auto shutoff feature to save energy. Or is conserving kitchen space more important? Choose a portable scale that is compact. A sleek design can effortlessly be moved from the shelf to the counter. A thin, compact design can fit right in with cookbooks!

Looking for a suitable color to match the kitchen décor? Match appliances with black, silver stainless steel or glass, or standout with candy apple red. Choose a stain-resistant or easy to clean platform to keep the original color pristine, or opt for a model that can measure up in the dishwasher, too. Whether a chef or a dieter—and no matter the décor—Macy’s has the food scale for the job.