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Pasta Maker

Enjoy fresh homemade pasta any time with a pasta maker! There are several noodle maker designs to choose from, including hand-powered machines, electric noodle-making appliances, and even attachments for other appliances to turn them into noodle makers. Find noodle makers from Cuisinart, Ronco, KitchenAid and more.

An electric noodle maker is a handy appliance to have on hand. These machines feature all of the necessary tools to mix ingredients together and knead the dough thoroughly in five minutes. When the dough is ready, choose from a variety of different pasta cutters, attach it to the noodle maker, and let the machine do all of the shaping as well.

For a tactile cooking experience, a hand-operated pasta machine is a nice option. These metal noodle makers feature a small hand crank on one side, a flat rolling section to roll dough out, and a noodle-cutting attachment. Hand-operated pasta machines can be adjusted to different settings for thinner or thicker noodles, and the attachments can be swapped out to make wide or narrow noodles as well.

Love stuffed pasta? Bring home a ravioli maker. This rolling pasta maker attachment features shaped rollers on both sides. Feed flat pasta sheets into the ravioli maker and watch shaped pasta pockets emerge from the other side. Ravioli makers first shape the pasta sheet, then crimp and seal the ravioli after it is filled, producing a delicious batch of stuffed pasta quickly and easily. Many ravioli makers create several ravioli pockets per row, making them even more efficient.

For fans of occasional home-made pasta, a noodle maker mixer attachment is a convenient and compact choice. These small noodle makers attach to compatible stand mixer appliances, and shape any dough that is fed into them into fresh pasta. Like electric pasta machines, the attachment variety can create a nice variety of pasta by switching the cutter shapes.

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