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Back Massagers

The weight of the world often seems to crush down on the shoulders and backs of working men and women. From job stress to excercise, family outings to personal enrichment, today's men and women are pulled in thousands of directions. The result is often tired and sore back muscles. That feeling can result in poor sleep, poor performance, and even worse, tighter back muscles. Spending thirty minutes each day with one of the many back massagers available at Macy's and relaxing can quickly ease those tired back muscles. Add some scented candles and the experience becomes spa-like.

Macy's features back massagers by reputable companies. Try a back massager from HomeMedics or Sharper Image. Like a personal masseuse, these massagers slip onto chairs and use gentle motions to ease away tired muscles. Popular massage techniques, like Shiatsu, massage the back from the cervical spine to the tail-bone. Added features like heat make it even easier to relax. Consider spending some time several times a week simply pampering yourself. A warm shower, with scented bath products, followed by thirty minutes with the massager is an ideal way to stay stress free.

For those lucky enough to work from a home, adding back massagers from Macy's to your home office is an excellent way to keep the stress down. Work in a comfortable chair, with gentle massage action to ease the back. Less expensive than a masseuse, they offer the same type of relief while you continue to work. Take telephone calls in a favorite pair of pajamas while experiencing the relaxing motions of popular back massagers. Easily control the speed, intensity, and heat of the massage with simple control pads that are either built-in or connected via a wire. Adjustable settings make sure the massagers conforms to the contours of each spine, providing personalized spa massages.

Heat is an important feature of chair massage units. Tired, overworked muscles need deep penetration and tissue massage to relax. Adding the element of heat helps relax muscles, allowing the rolling action of the massage chair to go to work. Put on a fluffy spa-style robe and the relaxation is sure to follow.

The world today seems designed to cause stress and tired muscles. Go to to find back massagers that will help take that stress away.