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Silverware Caddy

A silverware caddy keeps flatware neatly stored and ready for use. Depending on the style purchased, these items are either tucked away in a drawer or displayed on a counter. When this is the case, choosing this type of storage container carefully, with an eye to kitchen décor and colors, means it performs a dual task—providing storage and acting as a decorative accessory.

Some of these useful storage items sit upright (think a box or basket shape) on a counter or other surface. The sides are higher, sometimes coming as far as halfway up the handle of the knives and other items stored in them. These are useful in households with small children, as articles with sharp blades, tines, or other similar items are stored with sharp edges facing down. Only the handles of flatware in a Design Ideas silverware caddy are visible, making it safer and easy to retrieve the necessary tool.

In some kitchens, forks and other eating utensils are stored in a drawer. The storage containers intended for use in these places are flat, with lower sides. Items fit into individual sections. This means that choosing articles for use at mealtimes and replacing them after they have been cleaned is a snap. Simply open the drawer and select the appropriate tools.

Depending on the style chosen, it is possible to choose one with separate areas for small and large spoons. A quick glance is all it takes to find a stirring or serving spoon, whichever is desired. Different materials, such as wood, are used in the making of these storage units. This is a good choice for one that sits on a counter. The warm tones and natural designs in the wood grain of The Cellar silverware caddy gives a kitchen an elegant look with a country touch.

Keep in mind where eating, serving, and preparation utensils are stored and kitchen colors and decor when shopping for a silverware caddy, then pick out the best one to buy from the wide selection available at Macy’s.