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Wall Clock

A wall clock is no longer just used as a functional piece for telling time around the house. Now, wall clocks have made their way into the decorative world and are the perfect touch to any room’s interior design. From known brands such as Seiko and Bulova, these quality timepieces are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also made to last.

Looking for the perfect sophisticated touch for a living room or a family room? The Bulova wall clock with a wood finish is an excellent addition to any room. With an ornate pendulum and two-tone metal dial, this clock plays either the Westminster or Wittington chimes on the quarter of the hour. With a beautiful finish, this wood clock will be a piece worthy of being handed down to future generations.

A similar piece is the Seiko wall clock. Fashioned with a solid oak and a glass case, this clock has a brass pendulum and octagonal dial for a truly elegant look. The Westminster and Wittington chimes go off every quarter of the hour. Known for its other quality timepieces, Seiko really delivers with this clock. With such a clean style, this piece is a great accent to any home style or design.

For those who enjoy a more modern approach to clocks, the Skagen Denmark clock is another great choice. A minimalist approach was taken in the design of this clock, and it shows through with its clean, black, chic design. A sturdy aluminum case surrounds this clock and is the perfect accent for this piece. The Skagen clock is an excellent choice for a home office or a modern style bedroom.

Transform your room into a fun coffee shop with the help of the Kathy Ireland coffee time clock. Ideal for a cozy kitchen or a homey dining room, this clock has a rustic design with an image of an inviting cup of coffee. The brushed copper finish is the perfect touch to this coffee-inspired clock. Another bonus for this piece is the price. Decorating has never been affordable -- proving you do not have to sacrifice quality over price.

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