• Baxter Of California - Baxter Exfoliating Body Bar, 7-oz.
Baxter Of California - Baxter Exfoliating Body Bar, 7-oz.
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Luxurious scrubbing bar for men.

  • Suitable for daily use on all skin types
  • Leaves skin smooth, clean and refreshed
  • Rich, hydrating formula exfoliates dead skin cells with pumice, jojoba meal and crushed olive seed
  • Scrubs away dirt and rough patches all over body, while maintaining skin moisture with hydrating ingredients
  • In the shower, moisten bar soap
  • Massage onto wet skin in circular motions to create rich lather
  • Avoid face

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    Jul 01, 2022
    from San Francisco, CA
    Incentivized Review
    Best soap ever

    Have used for years. Love this soap! Don’t ever stop making it please!

    Customer review from Ambi Enterprises
    Jun 12, 2022
    from New York
    Incentivized Review
    Please give us back the previous bar

    They changed the ingredients and it’s not the same. Loved the previous bar, not even the same anymore. I’d pay double to get the old version back in a heart beat!

    Customer review from Ambi Enterprises
    Mar 10, 2022
    from NJ
    Incentivized Review
    Please bring back the charcoal bar soap!

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Charcoal bar soap smelled great and kept my skin clear. Please bring back!

    Customer review from Ambi Enterprises
    Mar 05, 2022
    Incentivized Review

    best soap ever. I signed up for monthly delivery and turned my kids on to it. Leaves your skin soft and smooth with a pleasant, light fragrance.

    Customer review from Ambi Enterprises
    Dec 22, 2021
    from Houston, TX
    Incentivized Review
    Somethings changed

    I recently got the exfoliating body bar and the citrus musk and neither lathered like it used to. There was way less lather than before. Baxter, have you changed the ingredients because this has happened now with two of your bars? I thought one might have been a bad bar, but two has me asking what happened? The scent doesn’t seem to last as long as it used to as well. Please go back to the old ingredients.

    Customer review from Ambi Enterprises
    Long Time Buyer
    Jul 04, 2021
    from Nashua, NH
    Incentivized Review
    I very sadly say, I am no longer a customer

    Much like everyone else's recent reviews, this is very sad. I got this soap from a Birchbox subscription years ago and couldn't believe how well I smelt. Usually you dont smell yourself as you are walking around but I was hit with a beautiful woodsy scent hours after my shower and my coworkers noticed too. More recently, the bars just dont leave the same smell. Actually, they dont leave any smell! The bars seem to disappear at almost twice the rate as the original bars did too. They are still one of the best exfoliating bars out there but until they go back to the original formula, I will not be buying any other products....

    Customer review from Ambi Enterprises
    Response from Ambi Enterprises
    Jul 07, 2021

    Jun 15, 2021
    from Rochester, NY
    Incentivized Review
    Not the same anymore

    I was ready to buy this soap for years and years to come! But sadly, as others have mentioned, the recipe has changed and doesn't quite live up to the original formula (in both scent and longevity of smell). I understand the reasonings behind having to change up a formula, but it's just unfortunate because I don't believe I can continue being a costumer of this soap.

    Customer review from Ambi Enterprises
    Response from Ambi Enterprises
    Jun 18, 2021

    Feb 22, 2021
    from New York City
    Incentivized Review
    We've been played: This is not Oakmoss Cedarwood.

    About 3 years ago I discovered the best smelling soap bar of all time. It was called Oakmoss and Cedarwood by Baxter of Cali. I became content knowing I will be buying this product for the rest of my life. 10/10 scent and ingredient quality. I recently finished my 4th bar, and opened a new one to discover a monster in the package. A new product. Looks the same, but that's all. It's definitely not Cedarwood and Oakmoss anymore. What even is that? A hint of a poor quality Sandlewood? And how could Baxter sell it under the same name and packaging? Not only am I heartbroken that my favorite soap has been discontinued, but I was duped into buying a product I have no interest in, one which is masquerading under the my favorite product's identity. And once arriving here, I see I am not the only one writing a review of the hoax. Baxter, please bring the product we love back. And give us a replacement bar for the money we're duped out of.

    Customer review from Ambi Enterprises
    Response from Ambi Enterprises
    Mar 03, 2021