Repairwear Uplifting Firming Cream

  • Clinique - Repairwear Uplifting Firming Cream
  • Clinique - Repairwear Uplifting Firming Cream
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The bounce is back. Moisture-rich cream boosts natural elastin and collagen--the stuff that gives skin its snap--then helps organize it into a tighter, stronger network. Helps rebuild elasticity and firmness, helps visibly smooth out "laugh lines." No wonder you look so good.

  • Choose the formula for your skin type.
  • Apply daily as needed to face and neck.
  • Follow with sunscreen in morning.

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    Oct 06, 2018
    Truly firms and lift

    My not so funny laugh lines and angry looking forehead furrow on my 50 year old face just became so noticeable that I ran to Macy's Clinique and ended up buying this Repairwear uplifting cream. After a few days of applying this to my face I noticed a major difference. My laugh lines appeared to have been erased, my forehead furrow is hardly noticeable and my entire face looks lifted. I am absolutely delighted and hope that Clinique never discontinues this botox in a bottle. I also bought the Repairwear Anti-Gravity eye cream and ended up having the same awesome result! Thank you Clinique!

    Dec 14, 2015
    This Product Delivers

    Absolutely love it. Very creamy and smooth. Feels like a mini facelift. The product is one I shall continue purchasing.

    Apr 24, 2015
    Wouldn't Be Without It

    I love this moisturizer! It is part of my daily Clinique routine and since using it, I've never had nicer skin. Highly recommended.

    Aug 20, 2014
    from Walpole, Ma
    Radiance! Second to none

    Clinique has been a skin regimen I've used all of my life from adolescence acne to now, middle aged needs. I cannot be happier with the radiance I feel! My skin looks better and healthier than I could ever imagine. Love love the Clinique Repairwear Uplifting cream. I recommend it highly.

    Feb 25, 2012
    Fountain of Youth in a Jar

    The latest addition to the repairwear line, Repairwear Uplifting Firming Cream is the most amazing product I have ever tried with instant results. I can truly feel it working!! My neck has always been a major sensitive spot for me personally. Repairwear Uplifting Firming Cream, is truly a mini facelift in a jar. My skin seems instantly lifted and renewed. My jawline is more defined and the puckeriness in my neck has improved. My cheeks seem more plump, tight, and smooth and some fine lines around my mouth have vanished and a few deeper ones have lessened. There is a wonderful youthful springiness to my skin. This cream is so amazing that I apply it throughout the day right over my makeup. I have truly discovered the "Fountain of Youth" in a jar!!