CLOSEOUT! Cinetic™ Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum

  • Dyson - Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum
  • Dyson - Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum
  • Dyson - Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum
Dyson - Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum
Dyson - Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum
Dyson - Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum

CLOSEOUT! Cinetic™ Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum

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Product Details

Combining Dyson's Ball™ Technology with Cinetic Science, this vacuum hits the hard-to-reach places in your home, while also maintaining constant, powerful suction. Say goodbye to allergens & pesky pet hair with this vacuum's HEPA filter & tangle-free turbine tool.

  • Includes tangle-free turbine tool, which removes hair from carpets & upholstery
  • Dyson Cinetic Science captures dust to stop clogging
  • Self-adjusting cleaner head creates an efficient seal on every floor type
  • Ball™ Technology reduces weight & steers easily
  • Captures microscopic particles like pollen, mold & bacteria
  • Whole-machine HEPA filtration expels clean air
  • Measures 15.4"W x 13.4"D x 42.4"H
  • 5-year warranty
  • Can only be shipped via ground service
  • Eligible for FREE shipping!
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    Oct 26, 2018
    nice vacuume but

    Don't let the no filters fool you. The vacuum gets real dirty inside You have to take all apart to clean it. Watch online videos My old dyson had a pre filter very easy to clean. Make sure you watch online videos on how to clean before you buy.

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    May 06, 2018
    Just OK, with design flaws

    Have had this for 3+ years, and, while it works well, the hose flexes enough when you use the attachments to cut off suction at the bend, something the older Dyson we had did not do. It does NOT come with a floor attachment, so if you need a lower profile or easier to maneuver wand attachment, it is extra, and is a bit flimsy and hard to control.... again, not as good as the earlier Dyson we had. Finally, this one is supposed to do just fine without having cleanable filters, but it gets pretty filthy, smells like old dog (we have a few of those around, but this smells worse than any of them) and there is no way to clean all of the odor out of the machine, since you can only wipe out the canister, and there are no filters that can be washed, plus the turbine is not supposed to be submersible. It also does not handle small sticks, in case one gets sucked up inadvertently. Mine just went into overheating (I am presuming) and shut off, right before company was due, which is why I'm here, looking for solutions. I cleared the clog (small stick was lodged at the bend into the intake at the ball, collecting other material) and I'm hoping that it will work again, after it cools down, but 30 minutes later, no go. All in all, I appreciate Dyson technology, but wish I hadn't purchased this unit, it seems a significant step back in design awareness. I see that the new Cinetic Balls now feature a washable filter again, so maybe Dyson received enough complaints to re-think their approach. A newer model may be fine, but these flaws I've outlined are frustrating, given the cost and my previous experience with earlier models.

    Customer review from
    Apr 24, 2018
    Worst Dyson Ever

    Bought this 3 years ago to replace an old still working Dyson, it's the worst thing I've ever done. It's sitting in the garage because it is useless. I have already had a replacement bin because it is so hard to push you have to use two hands, one on the handle and one on the carry handle, it is so flimsy and plastic it broke. It is a total waste of money. Luckily I kept hold of my old dyson which I now have serviced and it is working great. If anything happens to my old one definitely wouldn't buy another dyson or recommend to anyone else. Just feel Dyson are going backwards not forwards in technology.

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    Apr 25, 2018

    Apr 20, 2018

    Having owned many Dyson vacuums over the years this one is the only one that has been a disappointment, whilst i cannot fault the power in the machine, there are other areas that let the vacuum down. The rubber bumper on the the side of the ball constantly peeled away, after numerous attempts to fix it back in place we eventually gave up and peeled it off all together, then the rubbers around the centre of the ball started to peel away this causes the ball not to be able to move smoothly, my last moan would be emptying the container, as my daughter and i both have long hair, i have to pull the rubbish that has wrapped around the centre filter out, which is not a nice job. Having said all of the above i would still buy other Dyson vacuums, i just wish i had gone with my first idea of buying the Dyson 360.

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    Apr 20, 2018

    Apr 13, 2018

    This is my 4th dyson and I must admit when I first tried it I thought it didn't seem as sturdy as my old one but its lighter, the suction is brilliant, longer cable and quieter. All in all its a fab hoover just love how it manoeuvres round objects

    Customer review from
    Apr 08, 2018

    I am absolutely gutted with this vacuum, we have owned 4 Dyson machines and this is the only one we have been disappointed with. Granted the suction is 2nd to none but so much so you have to use both hands to push the machine on some carpets , infact I now pick up the machine and just pull it back,! The handle feels cheap and unsecure and on occasion clips out, not really any point to a vacuum that you can't use easily. You do however get a good absolutely workout!! My husband even struggles to use it. Can't wait for it to break to replace it .

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    Apr 08, 2018

    Apr 04, 2018
    Oh Dear!!

    I am so sorry to say that I absolutely hate this machine. I feel so disappointed and let down by Dyson. I have used Dyson vacuum cleaners for many years and have always recommended them to friends and family. I purchased my current machine before Christmas on the back of extremely good previous experiences however it is now destined for the bin. My main complaints are: 1. Manoeuvrability, both my husband and I find it extremely difficult to push and pull the machine in anything other than a straight line. 2. The wand can be very difficult to remove and replace 3. It is very difficult to release the handle to enable movement and difficult to get the machine upright again 4. The cylinder is very difficult to empty easily 5. Although the suction is excellent on my fitted carpets and hard floors I cannot get the suction low enough for my mats, the machine just sucks them up and won't move across them. I have never had a negative experience with Dyson but this is definitely the last one I will purchase, time for a change I think.

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    Apr 05, 2018

    Mar 19, 2018
    Not happy.

    I bought the Cinetic Big Ball DC75 a year ago to replace our 11-year-old DC15 Animal, which was still working. From the outset we found that it is difficult to locate the wand in its parking slot and when the cleaner is in use the wand comes out of the slot, meaning the handle flexes a lot. The cleaner doesn’t lock into the upright position easily causing it to fall over often and it is also quite heavy to manoeuvre. The suction is so severe, even on the lower setting, that our short-piled hearthrug and doormats lift, and the vacuum cannot be manoeuvred without lifting it clear. Having said that, it does pick up our dog’s hair very well, though a piece of his dry food kibble has to be central to the brush bar to be picked up. Any suggestions how to rid the machine of the doggy smell it now has when in use? We have found it easier to remove the shroud to empty the bin but it is fiddly to re-assemble. I often use the dusting brush while sitting on the floor and I have found the exhaust air from the motor is uncomfortably hot, presumably because the motor is powerful. I look forward to a response about these points.

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    Mar 20, 2018