• Jo Malone London - Fig & Lotus Flower Cologne, 1-oz.
  • Jo Malone London - Fig & Lotus Flower Cologne, 1-oz.
  • Jo Malone London - Fig & Lotus Flower Cologne, 1-oz.
Jo Malone London - Fig & Lotus Flower Cologne, 1-oz.
Jo Malone London - Fig & Lotus Flower Cologne, 1-oz.
Jo Malone London - Fig & Lotus Flower Cologne, 1-oz.

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Luscious lotus flowers skim the surface of a shimmering pond in the ancient Hanging Gardens. Their delicate water-splashed petals glide down the shaded walkways, sweeping over the plump, juicy figs that punctuate the bountiful trees. This light floral fragrance is brought together with neroli to capture the essence of a luxuriant landscape.

  • Jo Malone London fragrances are perfect alone, but even better together
  • Try Fig & Lotus Flower Cologne with Wood Sage & Sea Salt to bring a woody freshness
  • Try Fig & Lotus Flower Cologne with Cypress & Grapevine for added clarity, freshness and depth

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    Tammy P.
    Jan 15, 2024
    from Dallas, TX
    Smells beautiful but doesn't last.

    I love Jo Malone fragrances and my go-to for many years has been Mimosa and Cardamom. During the holidays in 2022 I tried Midnight Musk and Amber and purchased three bottles because it smelled wonderful. Both of these fragrances lasted all day on me and I only had to apply more if I was going out after work. Fig and Lotus Flower smells very nice but it doesn't last even an hour when I apply it. I tried it for several days to give it a good chance but it just didn't work. I cannot return it because I received two mini candles as a gift with purchase and I burned them to sample the scents and all gifts with purchase have to be included with any product returned. Now I have a bottle of perfume that I can't use because it was a large size and is too heavy to carry in my handbag if I'm going to have to apply it all through the day. One of the candles I received was Pomegranate Noir and it smelled absolutely wonderful. I'd love to purchase a bottle of this fragrance but won't because I don't want to take a chance on it not wearing well like the Fig didn't. I order my perfumes online because it's hard for me to make it to a store and I don't want to have two bottles of perfume sitting on my vanity that I do not use. I'm really sad that the Fig and Lotus Flower didn't work for me. It is a beautiful scent and may wear well for others. Just not me. I will stick to my Mimosa and Cardamom and hopefully one day Jo Malone will sell the Midnight Musk and Amber. I'll definitely wear that again!

    Customer review from jomalone.com
    Jan 11, 2024
    from Toronto
    A little weak on fig

    I am writing this review because I think Jo Malone is a unique brand and deserves to benefit from customer feedback. I missed the opportunity to really get to know and purchase the old wild fig and cassis which as I recall could not be characterized as a light floral scent. I sprayed this newer scent both on my inner wrist as well as the store provided paper and while I don't complain about longevity per se, (the paper has maintained its scent for more than 2 days as of this writing) and my wrist maintained some kind of scent personality for about 8 hours or so, the fragrance rapidly becomes amorphous in its scent for lack of a better word on the skin as the hours pass. From a bright energetic credibly fig like opening, the fragrance quickly grows into something warm somewhat sweet a little sour a little dirty and imprecisely fruity and floral with time. Its fruit personality becomes subtly though detectably fig and perhaps more coconut pineapple tropical drink-like as time goes on and this is based on sniffing the paper which i think best showcases the true scent. I would definitely recommend trying this out before buying and assessing skin performance and clothes performance to see if it's right for you. I don't think it's terrible-just not quite right for me. For a baseline on my preferences, while its longevity is somewhat poor, I lean more towards earl grey and cucumber.

    Customer review from jomalone.com
    Dec 29, 2023
    from FL
    Not a signature scent for me, but pairs well...

    Fig & Lotus Flower was a blind buy, but had a promising review rating, so I took a chance. It is far different than what I had imagined. In my opinion, it is a truly unisex scent because it really doesn't have any detectable fruitiness or flowery notes, but isn't fully leaning harshly into woodsy or tobacco either. I had anticipated a more feminine scent, but I guess I should have paid better attention to the description! It smells earthy (like a fig leaf, rather than sweet like a fig) with a distinct pond water smell (like a lotus pond, rather than a lotus flower). The thing that makes this scent work, in my opinion, is that it has a really unexpected nostalgic quality that's really comforting and grounding. It smells of light, earthy leaves with reminiscent essence of a lake I would swim and paddle in as a kid. I would not wear it alone, but it pairs well with some other Jo Malone scents that bring it a more soft, feminine characteristic. The most flattering and feminine pairings I've found are Fig & Lotus Flower with either Cardamom & Mimosa (which brings some warm, sweet, spice and powdery white flower) or Wild Bluebell (which brings a delightful fresh, dewy, light floral). To lean more into a masculine quality, I would pair it with Cypress & Grapevine (bringing in a more distinct manly mixture of mossy, cypress wood and crisp foliage).

    Robina R
    Dec 27, 2023
    Incentivized Review
    Not My Fav

    Scent does not last

    Customer review from bloomingdales.com
    Dec 11, 2023
    from Indianapolis, IN
    Yummy scent

    I had been very loyal to my previous perfume, in fact, still love it; but I wanted something new. We were in Toronto and I ventured in the Jo Malone shop. My amazing store associate was very patient with me, because I think I took a whiff of every scent in the store. I wound up buying 2 bottles of cologne. Even now, I will put on Fig and Lotus Flower, and I am just so taken with the scent. Sometimes, I'll turn my head just right and get a nice reminder, a lingering phantom scent. I don't know if I'll ever go back to my former perfume. Fig and Lotus Flower has bewitched me.

    Customer review from jomalone.com
    Ms bellhaitian
    Dec 05, 2023
    Not too heavy

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Smells fresh and light. Great after shower

    Customer review from bloomingdales.com
    Maria C
    Nov 30, 2023
    Sweet, But Not Juvenile

    I tend to like sweeter colognes, but struggle to find ones that don't smell straight out of Bath & Body Works. This one is elegant, sweet but has interesting base notes that elevate it.

    Customer review from bluemercury.com
    Nov 22, 2023
    from Perth

    Beautiful adult version of a sweet fragrance. Not sickly sweet. More of a warm sweet with depth and balance.

    Customer review from jomalone.com
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