.3 Hybrid Premier 12" Mattress - Queen

  • Purple - 3 Mattress - Queen
  • Purple - 3 Mattress - Queen
  • Purple - 3 Mattress - Queen
  • Purple - 3 Mattress - Queen
  • Purple - 3 Mattress - Queen
Purple - 3 Mattress - Queen
Purple - 3 Mattress - Queen
Purple - 3 Mattress - Queen
Purple - 3 Mattress - Queen
Purple - 3 Mattress - Queen

.3 Hybrid Premier 12" Mattress - Queen

$84/mo.* suggested payments for 36-months totaling $2,999.00 with a Macy's Card. *Learn More
$84/mo.* suggested payments for 36-months totaling $2,999.00 with a Macy's Card. *Learn More
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Product Details

The perfect balace of soft and firm. Favorited by couples with mixed feel preferences who share the same bed.

  • The perfect balance of soft and firm. Favored by couples with mixed feel preferences who share the same bed.
  • Temperature neutral so you sleep cool.
  • Responsive support coils enhance the body-alignment properties of the Smart Comfort Grid and minimize motion transfer.
  • Foam border aids in edge support and adds structural stability.
  • Soft and breathable cover that's removable and washable.
  • Full 10-Year Limited Warranty.
  • This mattress is delivered in a box; please allow 24-48 hours for mattress to fully decompress.
  • Please allow your body to adjust to your new sleep set. If you are not satisfied, please contact Macy's Customer Service (1-888-822-6229) within 120 days to schedule a one-time reselection or return. The reselection must be scheduled within 14 days.
  • Note: the $85 Delivery Fee for reselection plus the 15% Preference Return Fee does not apply to your first return of this mattress
  • Request warranty information

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    Sep 16, 2022
    Great mattress!

    I love our new mattress! Comfortable and supportive. I can't feel my wife move at all.

    Jul 07, 2022
    Finally! The best sleep ever!

    I absolutely LOVE this mattress! I got a nectar before this and it felt like a BRICK and I was so nervous about another bed in a box but this one is absolutely amazing! Already recommended to several!!!

    Customer review from Ashley Furniture
    Oct 03, 2020
    Perfect mattress

    This is the best mattress ever! It’s cool and comfortable and I’m very satisfied! Delivery was fast and very professional

    Jul 29, 2020
    Great concept but way too firm for me

    I love the idea of this bed. And, if I liked a firm mattress, then I'd love this one. But...I have had this bed for 3 weeks and I haven't had one good night of sleep since. I wake up with body aches all over. My legs get RLS. The only reason I still have this bed, is because I exchanged it for a Stearns and Foster Luxe Estate Cassat - pillow top, and it hasn't arrived yet. I will say this though, I tend to sleep hot and this bed does not give off heat at all. For that it gets a star.

    Mar 06, 2020
    LOVE the Purple mattress!!!

    I love my Purple mattress. I was having pain with shoulders and hips on my old mattress but have had no pain since having this mattress delivered. I love the Purple pillows too. I am sleeping so much better!!! Thank you Eric for spending so much time helping me decide the perfect mattress for me.

    Jan 24, 2020
    Worth the upgrade for additional inch

    This mattress is really awesome. We originally purchased the purple.2 and after sleeping on it for a few weeks we couldn't get over how firm it was. We thought we made a huge mistake and were a little afraid of simply upgrading to another purple mattress. We love the purple grid, the texture doesn't bother us at all, but it definitely feels different than a pillow top. With the original purchase of purple.2 I found that my lower back pain went away completely but I was then experiencing upper back pain from firmness of the mattress along with my arms falling asleep and being totally numb when I wake up. We took the plunge and went with the purple.3 as an upgrade. Totally worth it. Granted, a tiny bit of my lower back pain has returned (but I sleep on my stomach a lot so I'm used to this), the pain is alleviated if I sleep on my back. But both of us agree that our shoulders and hips feel less pressure with the added 1" of purple grid. My limbs are no longer falling asleep numb!

    Jan 04, 2020
    Arthritis back issues and pressure points!

    I researched this mattress and well just like the guy that slept in a recliner for 5 years, I slept in a recliner for 3. I finally decided enough! I decided to try this mattress over many others. I have tried the memory foam toppers (2") and even though it took care of my pressure points on my hips my back was still sore in the morning. My back issue is arthritis. There is just enough softness for me for my back to sink in. It is very comfortable for me. I am mostly a belly sleeper though and an occasional side sleeper. I find all positions very good. My back isn't terribly sore like with my firm regular mattress. I have only had this mattress 9 days and I am sleeping very well and less wake up in the middle of the night. Some nights I sleep all the way through and 7 to 8 hours! It also takes care all of all my pressure points. Winner for me!

    Aug 10, 2019
    Incentivized Review
    Best Mattress ever @ a reasonable price !!!

    I called your store from Michigan city , & spoke with Debbi, sales person. verified that you had a original purple mattress & a hybred .2 mattress in store to try out ..I then drove to the store Tried both, listened to all Debbi had to say , & bought the purple .3 . I have had it for 7 days now, I love it !! & the delivery men set up everything very well. I then ordered a set of new egtiption 1000, count sheets from you & had them delivered. I love them too. Great price, Great feel !! I had a tempupudic bed , did not like it !!! I have now sent a couple of friends to your store to try your purple mattress !!!You are the only ones in Indiana that have them in your store. Your price is better then buying direct from the company..

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