Onyx 12" Memory Foam Plush Mattress- Full

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Onyx 12" Memory Foam Plush Mattress- Full

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All the comfort and trusted quality of a Sealy® mattress, now conveniently packaged in a ready-to-ship box. Fall into a cradling memory foam top that "hugs" your body, so you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. This 8-inch memory foam mattress combines distinct layers of foams to provide comfort and support for all sleepers and, of course, convenience. This mattress is designed with 2 inches of premium high-density memory foam that conforms to your body and provides pressure relief. The memory foam layer pairs with a 6-inch, layer of high-grade conventional foam, which provides a durable support base. These 2 distinct layers create a harmonious sleep system for ultimate relaxation. The mattress is covered with a white circular knit cover.

  • Compressed mattress is packaged in a box for easy transport and set up
  • Box spring/foundation sold separately
  • Top type: tight top
  • Mattress type: memory foam
  • Comfort layers: 3" Premium Response Foam, 4" Advanced Comfort Foam, 5" Ultra-Support Foam
  • 3" of Sealy® premium memory foam adapts to your body's shape to provide conforming comfort
  • 4" of responsive comfort foam helps reduce motion transfer with the right amount of responsiveness to prevent sinking
  • 5" of high-grade conventional foam offers a durable base. to promote cooling airflow and support throughout the night for an "on the bed" feel
  • The mattress is covered with a white circular knit cover
  • When your Mattress-in-a-Box arrives, simply place the mattress on your bed, remove the interior plastic packaging, and allow time for the bed to decompress and expand to its comfortable shape
  • Compatible with Sealy adjustable beds
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Meets federal fire-retardant safety standard

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    Oct 12, 2023
    Defective Mattress

    Love Sealy - Hate Macy's Furniture Department

    Minh Bui
    Sep 25, 2023
    from Gilbert Arizona
    defected Memory FOAM mattress

    Received the mattress but it is not fully expanded; two corners of the mattress won't expand completely.

    Jun 20, 2022
    from NY
    One of my favorite so far!

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Firstly I was very sceptical about trying a mattress from a box. How would that even work?? Let's talk about a package. It's pretty heavy. I don't usually have a problem lifting but I struggled a little with this one since I had to take it on the second floor. I unwrapped it and let it expand. It took several hours but let it go to the full 48h before using it. And i will say this mattress is like sleeping on a cloud. I have a really serious back problem but I wake up every morning with no pain! A little minus was a smell which eventually went away..

    Customer review from sealy.com
    Jun 20, 2022
    from Portland, OR
    Easy Setup, Great Feel!

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I am so very happy with my new Sealy Essentials 12" Memory Foam Mattress-in-a-box! Getting a mattress in the mail seems impossible until it actually happens! The box arrived and seemed like a joke because it was so small. It was extremely heavy, however, and I felt terrible for the delivery dude that literally had to drag it up to my door. We opened the box to this super-tightly rolled mattress that was in the shape of a giant sausage link. The mattress was completely compressed in a vacuum-sealed plastic bag with yet another plastic bag surrounding that one. Once we released the mattress, which was as easy as cutting open a bag of chips, it began decompressing immediately. It was completely decompressed after less than two hours. This mattress went from a tight, sausage-shaped plastic roll to a huge, queen-size mattress so quickly! The memory foam it is made with is utter comfort to the max. The item comes with a limited 10-year warranty that covers any permanent human sunken marcations that may form over time, which I imagine will not happen or else there would be no such warranty! Lying on this beautiful mattress is like a dream! Memory foam sometimes takes a few weeks to fully accommodate its user, so I know that this will just keep getting better over the next month! As if it could!! We love it already after just a week! Everyone has heard of the brand Sealy, and I read that it's been around since 1881. That says a lot about the quality of their products, and this is indeed a great introduction to quite possibly my new favorite sleeping brand in the world! I took one star off this otherwise awesome mattress due to the fact that only the box it came in is actually recyclable. The two other giant plastic bags in which the mattress was held are not recyclable. The waste is way too much for the simple convenience of having a mattress delivered like a sausage to your house, especially considering the backache it gave my delivery guy!

    Customer review from sealy.com
    Jun 18, 2022
    from Texas

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] These new mattresses are so convenient. They arrive in a box that can fit in most large sedans or small SUVs. They are easy to carry up stairs if you have two people. The mattresses are tightly air packed and very dense, so the box is heavy. Once you get it opened and unsealed, you let it expand to it's maximum size and you're good to go! I think 12 inches is the perfect size for a memory foam mattress. I have a 14 inch in my other bedroom and it's just way too high up and I have trouble getting fitted sheets to stay on. This is the perfect blend between comfort and height and support. My back usually has trouble adjusting to a new mattress, but I didn't have any pain switching to this one as my main mattress. Overall, this is a winner. Easily 5 out of 5 stars.

    Customer review from sealy.com
    Jun 18, 2022
    from Ohio
    Quality, comfort, and convenience

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I'm amazed by the combination of quality, comfort, and convenience of this Sealy Essentials 12" memory foam mattress-in-a-box! The mattress came vacuum sealed and rolled up, and was easy to carry into the house and upstairs to my bedroom. It was almost fully inflated within a few hours. The mattress is incredibly comfortable and soft, but firm and very supportive as well. I sleep great on it. It doesn't sleep hot in my opinion. I definitely like it better than a traditional pillowtop spring mattress.

    Customer review from sealy.com
    Jun 16, 2022
    from Texas
    Just the perfect amount of support!

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I was a little skeptical with the mattress in a box but decided to give it a try and honestly, I am pleasantly surprised with the quality and the amount of support it provides for my back. I got the medium and for someone like me who struggles with back problems, for me it is just perfect firmness. It's not too soft and not too too firm. It feels like it's hugging the contour of my back to give it just the right amount of support. I also love it doesn't feel bouncy when the other person on the bed moves. I am seriously considering to get a king size of this mattress in the future. Highly recommended!

    Customer review from sealy.com
    Jun 13, 2022
    from Pennsylvania
    Great option

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is a great option for anyone waking up with a sore back. It really help you sleep more level and less morning aches. I would recommend to try. It came is a large heavy box, so make sure you have someone around that can you bring it inside

    Customer review from sealy.com
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