Master Lab Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Sheet Mask

  • TONYMOLY - Master Lab Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Sheet Mask
TONYMOLY - Master Lab Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Sheet Mask

Master Lab Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Sheet Mask

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Our Master Lab Sheet Mask Collection features an ultra-thin, hydrating sheet mask made of natural cellulose for even and consistent absorption of active ingredients! Unlike conventional sheet masks made with cotton, the "nude seal" technology used in this collection features an ultra-thin skin-fitting material that comfortably clings to all facial contours for effective delivery of the concentrated serum.

  • How to use:
  • Apply mask on clean and towel-dried face
  • Keep mask on face for 20-30 minutes
  • Remove mask and gently pat excess serum onto face and neck until fully absorbed

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    Jan 01, 2021

    This is a nice mask to use when you feel like you need a little extra moisture in the winter months.

    Oct 30, 2019
    Trying my best!

    I bought all the varieties of these masks and I honesty have no idea if they "work" but I like using them. Once the mask is done and I've finished rolling the excess serum into my face with a jade roller, I put the packet in the fridge for later. There is so much serum left over. I use it another time when I want a refreshing treat for my face.

    Apr 05, 2019
    Standard face mask with a kick

    I got this as part of my Macy’s beauty box. I was hesitant to try it as it stated acid on the package. I have super sensitive skin and everything gives me an allergic reaction. When putting this on it feels very refreshing with a little tingle. When I removed it my face has a lot of product left. So I massaged a bit of it and removed the excess. My skin looked glowy and refreshed. Like an hour after application I felt the tingle as some areas started turning red. You do see improvement in the tightness and texture of your skin but the effects don’t last long. Will not recommend as I believe this is just another mask.

    Jan 06, 2019
    Love This

    I got this in my Macy's sub bag. The scent of this mask is so different from the many sheet masks I've used because it smells so fresh and clean! My skin feels soft and refreshed. Going to buy more for me and a few for my oldest daughter.

    Nov 29, 2018

    I also got my first TONYMOLY mask from the Macys beauty box - THANK YOU! - I have to say, I'm addicted! I also purchased one for my daughter, and we both agreed, our skin was amazing after using this product. I'm purchasing more as I'm writing this. Its wonderful to have especially during dry and cold winter. My skin is radiant and soft. Looks really really good.

    Sep 28, 2018
    from Maryland
    Best Hyaluronic product I've ever used!

    This product showed me the true importance of hyaluronic acid for moisture. I received in the Macy's beauty box but I will purchase a few of these. The day after using this mask my skin had such a dewy look and that's without using any other products! I didn't want to wash my face for fear that I would lose my beautiful skin! I am buying more of these!

    Sep 06, 2018
    Love It!

    I love sheet masks but because I have oily skin they tend to make me look greasy. This mask didn't!!!!! it's very moisturizing and absorbed quickly into my skin without feeling sticky or leaving my skin greasy looking. I highly recommend this mask.

    Sep 06, 2018
    Love this mask

    After reading the other reviews I feel that this mask is getting unfair rating due to others not really liking sheet masks. This is the first one I tried. I got it as a sample in my monthly beauty box. I cleaned my face in the shower then I put on the mask and let it do it’s thing while watching tv. Yes it is a little “slimey” but once I unfolded it gently and smoothed it on to my face with a 5 O’clock shadow I noticed within a few minutes that my face was starting to tingle. It felt great. I left it on for about 20!minutes then peeled it off and wiped the remaining product off my face. The next day I was able to notice that a blemish on my nose had significantly improved. I liked it so much I am now buying one for my each one of my sisters and a couple of my friends. And yes I am a dude who uses skincare products! You only get one skin!

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