Pop open a bottle of your favorite chilled beverage with a handy corkscrew. For many, a cork puller is an essential kitchen tool. Many beverages are bottled with corks for an elegant flair, and uncorking the bottle can be a part of entertaining guests. The tool for the job typically features a handle and a curling hook. Turning the handle bores the hook down into the cork, which can then be pulled out by tugging on the handle. Browse a variety of cork pullers from Metrokane, Wine Enthusiast, OXO and others.

    The winged cork puller design is a well-loved one. In addition to the basic spiral-shaped hook and handle for tugging, these tools have a wing-like section on either side that can be rotated up or down. These wings feature gears inside where they attach to the handle. The hook is bored into a cork in the same way as a regular cork puller, but instead of having to yank to remove the plug the user simply pushes the wings down. The gears inside the handle move it up as the wings go down, which yanks the cork out with far less tugging and fuss.

    Want an even simpler cork removal than a winged puller can provide? With an electric cork puller, opening a bottle with a cork can't get much easier! This powered corkscrew usually comes in a cylindrical body with one hollow end. The spiral hook is inside this end, and can be bored into a cork by simply placing the cylinder over the bottle's neck and rotating it. Once the hook is in the cork, simply press a button and this device will pop the cork right out of the bottle. It's quick and easy as well as entertaining.

    If it's electric, then it's probably also a rechargeable electric cork puller. Most electric pullers come with recharging stands, many of which are decorative for display, as well. Some rechargeable pullers feature readouts saying exactly how many more corks can be pulled before a recharge is needed. Others simply hold a charge for a certain amount of hours.

    For a truly showy way to uncork a bottle, bring home a cork puller with stand. These pullers feature the usual handle and spiraled hook, as well as a sturdy arm to hold it above any bottle that is placed on the wooden stand it is bolted to. Bore the cork into place and pull the lever at the back of the device to open any bottle for a satisfying pop. Standing cork pullers can also be mounted directly to a countertop.

    Select the perfect corkscrew today at Macy's.

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