Izod Polo

Enjoy timeless style and comfort with an Izod polo. Polo shirts are a well-loved warm weather look for casual occasions as well as semi formal ones. The typical polo design is a short-sleeved shirt with a lapel collar and a placket of several buttons on the front. Polo shirts are available in regular and slim fit cuts, as well as big and tall sizes.

A color polo is a great way to add energy to an outfit. Polo shirts are available in a wide variety of colors, including red, blue, yellow, green and others. Pair colorful polos with neutral tone pants to make the shirt the centerpiece. Neutral tone pants like tan and black look great with solid color shirts. Pants or shorts with a pattern like plaid are another chic choice; match the polo to one of the accent colors in the pattern for polish.

The striped polo is another longtime-favorite look. An Izod polo with stripes usually features a horizontal pattern. Stripes can vary in thickness from super thin to bold and chunky. Stripe patterns feature at least two or three colors, so these polo shirts are easy to color-coordinate with pants and shorts. Stripes and other patterns add intricacy to an outfit, and are an instant attention-grabber.

Want to make a bold statement? Choose a graphic polo. These polo shirts feature a solid background color and have a printed graphic of an image or abstract design on the front. Some polo shirts feature small logos on one side of the chest, as well.

Polo shirts are often worn while playing sports, especially tennis. For workouts or hot days, a moisture wick polo is a great option. These shirts are made of fabric designed to draw moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable even if you've been sweating. Many moisture wick polos also protect skin from UV rays.

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