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  • Keurig Coffee Pods

    Coffee enthusiasts share a passion in common—a passion for truly great coffee. Yet the wait for that first morning cup of coffee can be an excruciating experience, if the timing and the measurements are not just right. What to do? Can a real coffee person exist without that perfect morning cup? No! Yet there is incredible news for the coffee lovers among us—it’s a little miracle called Keurig coffee pods.

    What’s a coffee pod? A coffee pod is a revolution in coffee making, and it’s arrived just in time to soothe the passions of coffee lovers everywhere. Keurig coffee pods are single serve containers of some of the finest ground coffee sold today, perfectly measured to create that just right cup. These convenient little containers are made to work easily with the Keurig one-cup coffee system. By brewing just one cup of coffee at a time, coffee pods make perfectly measured, utterly delicious coffee—fresh-brewed and aromatic—with no waste. It’s genius! The wait for the perfect cup of coffee is over.

    How does it work? Just use one of the one-cup coffee pod containers and place it in a Keurig coffee maker, add water, and voila! Perfect coffee, done.

    Coffee isn’t just coffee though—any passionate coffee drinker knows that. There are many different types and flavors of coffee; the question is, can the coffee pods accommodate the tastes of a true coffee lover? The answer is yes! The beauty of coffee pods is that they come in so many wonderful flavors and grinds. From French vanilla coffee to Columbian decaf, these coffee containers from Keurig features some of the world’s finest coffee brands, like Van Houtte and Tully’s, all in these utterly convenient one-cup pods.

    For those who favor a different hot drink to start their day, Keurig goes beyond just coffee, and also offers even more delicious drinks in one-cup pods. Hot chocolate lovers (who are said to be as passionate as coffee drinkers about their favorite brew) can enjoy delicious hot chocolate from pods, too. Fine chocolate makers like Van Houtte now provide hot chocolate in those perfect little premeasured pods from Keurig, so cocoa lovers can enjoy a fresh brew too.

    Plus, let’s not forget those who favor that other morning beverage. Yes, Keurig coffee pods also come in many flavors of tea. The perfect cup of tea, from top brands like Twinings and Celestial Seasonings, is now perfectly easy to brew, in the one-cup Keurig system.

    Why wait, when the perfect brew awaits? Get that perfect cup from Keurig coffee pods. It’s all there now, at Macy’s!