Newborn Toys

Help little ones discover colors, sounds and more with newborn toys. Baby toys keep infants entertained, happy and curious. Toys for newborns are soft and touchable all over and can provide hours of fun as baby discovers new textures, colors and sounds. Find adorable baby toys from First Impressions, Gund and more.

Play with a variety of cheery plush toys to get newborns' attention. Many plush toys for babies are made with several different textures, such as short furry ones or flannel-like ones. Baby can explore every inch of a plush giraffe with imprinted spots, a toy lion with a big ruffly mane, or even a cuddly elephant with big, floppy ears.

Rattle toys are a wonderful way to keep babies entertained and engaged. These newborn toys feature a simple rattle inside that makes sounds whenever baby moves it. Shake, rattle and roll soft toys shaped like adorable animal friends, such as inchworms.

When it comes to attention-grabbing items, colorful toys catch babies' eyes. Recognizing the difference between colors is part of any little one's development, and there are many fun toys with bright colors waiting to help. Plush animals with different-colored arms and legs give children a chance to recognize color differences in items of the same shape, while printed patterns provide interest and help to hone more fine-tuned recognition skills.

Create cute keepsakes with some novelty toys for babies. These toys aren't meant to be played with, so much as kept to remember baby's first moments. Stat saving for college from day one with playful newborn banks shaped like airplanes, baseballs and more.

Gift sets for babies are another great option. These sets typically feature several small container or boxes to hold items from baby's first milestones: first baby tooth lost, first curl of hair trimmed, and more. Many also include a holder for the little one's birth certificate and some have a container just for toys and treasures that have become keepsakes.

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