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Protect tables and counter tops from hot pots by using a trivet. This short serving stand usually features three legs, and is designed to put a little space between piping hot food containers and the surfaces they rest on. Serve roasts and other dishes straight from the oven to the table by placing them on stands. Find a wonderful variety of serving stands from Michael Aram, Martha Stewart, Wilton Armetale, Joseph Joseph and many more.

A cast iron serving stand looks right at home when paired with a matching cast iron skillet. Cast iron is a very durable metal, and makes a solid base for color coatings like enamel. Serving stands made of cast iron lend a country charm to any table, especially with an earthenware dish such as a crockpot placed on top.

Need just a little barrier between pots and tables? Try a wood serving stand. This ultra-thin trivet often features cut out sections along the edges, making it a decorative piece as well as a functional one. Unlike other materials, these stands tend to lay flat on the table; most wooden stands do not have legs.

Play up the attractive shape of the metal frame with a coated enamel serving stand in a favorite color. Enamel is usually layered over cast iron or aluminum, and can be found in many vibrant tones like cherry red, apple green, light sandy yellow and cobalt blue. Match stands to tablecloths and other dining room décor for a polished feel.

For extra large pans and dishes, an expandable serving stand is a fantastic option. This stand starts as a narrow rectangle and expands out in a criss-crossing pattern to accommodate two or more pots at once. Expandable stands are the perfect way to serve food on long pans straight from the oven to the dining room table.

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