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A "captivating and bittersweet" novel by the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Summer of '69: Their secret love affair has lasted for decades but this could be the summer that changes everything (People).When Mallory Blessing's son, Link, receives deathbed instructions from his mother to call a number on a slip of paper in her desk drawer, he's not sure what to expect. But he certainly does not expect Jake McCloud to answer. It's the late spring of 2020 and Jake's wife, Ursula DeGournsey, is the frontrunner in the upcoming Presidential election.There must be a mistake, Link thinks. How do Mallory and Jake know each other? Flash back to the sweet summer of 1993: Mallory has just inherited a beachfront cottage on Nantucket from her aunt, and she agrees to host her brother's bachelor party. Cooper's friend from college, Jake McCloud, attends, and Jake and Mallory form a bond that will persevere through marriage, children, and Ursula's stratospheric political rise until Mallory learns she's dying. Based on the classic film Same Time Next Year (which Mallory and Jake watch every summer), 28 Summers explores the agony and romance of a one-weekend-per-year affair and the dramatic ways this relationship complicates and enriches their lives, and the lives of the people they love.

  • Author - Elin Hilderbrand
  • Publisher - Little, Brown and Company
  • Publication Date - 02-09-2021
  • Page Count - 448
  • Hardcover
  • Adult
  • Fiction
  • Product Dimension - 5.4 H x 8.2 W x 1.3 D
  • ISBN-13 - 9780316428644

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    Oct 31, 2022
    from IL
    A book I could not put down

    I am ashamed to say that this is my first Elin Hilderbrand book. I am thrilled to say that I now want to read everything she has written. Ever word, page, and chapter kept me entertained and needing to keep reading. I could not wait to keep hanging out with Mallory and learning about her life. She has some amazing friends, some loyal family members, a wonderful son, and an interesting Same Time Next Year guy. Jake and Mallory have had 28 Summers of having a one weekend affair. That is their only contact each year is this weekend and something that neither of them are willing to give up. Their relationship is complicated by a friendship to Mallory’s brother, a wife and daughter for Jake, and a son for Mallory. I was intrigued by how much they were willing to risk just to be together. There were times I wanted to yell at Jake to figure life out, he did not give up anything to be with her while I felt like Mallory was held back by Jake. She had a few relationships throughout the years but nobody she was able to connect with like she did Jake. Elin Hilderbrand wrote a book that I could not put down. I was invested in the characters. I love the Nantucket setting. The storyline was wonderful. I wanted to root against the characters for the cheating and deceit, but I just could not. I wanted them all to find their HEA.

    Customer review from barnesandnoble.com
    Mar 13, 2022
    from Long Island NY
    one of the bests i've read in a long time

    ***Spoilers Ahead*** 28 Summers is a heartbreaking tale of love that was not destined to last. Jake and Mallory meet in the summer of 1992 and immediately feel an attraction to each other. they know that their blissful romance cant survive in the real world of girlfriends, brothers, and long distance relationships. They decide the best way to keep things simple and happy is to make the hard decision to separate. They choose just one weekend a year to get to be together in their little fantasy bubble where the real world cant ruin their love. Over time the disasters of real life infiltrate their years long summer fling. Jake and Mallory are the definition of the right person at the wrong time trope and watching the fates keep them apart is truly heartbreaking. The ending truly broke my heart and left me in pieces and losing Mallory felt like losing someone close to me. Its one of my favorite books of all time and I can not recommend it enough.

    Customer review from barnesandnoble.com
    Siena girl
    Jul 27, 2021
    from Maui, Hawaii
    Reading used to be fun

    I’m normally a huge fan of Elin Hilderbrant but I finished 28 Summers feeling disgusted. The left has ruined everything they touch and now we can add literature to the list. Elin must be the toast of “Tony” Nantucket where she resides as this latest work of fiction checks all the “woke” activist check marks: Anti white male - check Attempted rape by a Catholic school boy - check A villainous character based on Brett Kavanaugh - check Anti NRA - check No more Elin Hilderbrandt for me.

    Customer review from barnesandnoble.com
    J Renee
    Mar 27, 2021
    Poor relationships, good character development

    Cute premise. I was really into the beginning. Hooked me right away. Lost a little bit in the middle--I could have done without ALL of that political commentary--but not much because the pacing is really good and quick and something is happening every one of the 28 summers. You see, the book is split up as though each summer is a chapter. And it tells the story of Mallory and Jake as they proceed to have an illicit, secret, no-stings-attached, romantic relationship regardless of their personal lives, careers, and other relationships. The reader follows them through all 28 yeas of their relationship. And I have to say, following that many years of contast bad relationships (from all the different characters) was quite tiring. The concept is birthed out of Mallory's belief that they could never make a real, long-distance relationship work. So they only get together for a short time over the summer, meeting up without anyone knowing. I really hated that concept. It makes no sense to me why Mallory thinks they can't work. Especially once they have meeting together for a few years. But something was always happening, and I did want to find out where each of the characters ended up. So that was interesting. Not my favorite Hilderbrand, though.

    Customer review from barnesandnoble.com
    Mar 26, 2021
    from ct
    Beautiful Read

    I bought this ebook a while back after watching Ms Hilderbrand on a morning news show. With all the crazy we were living thru in 2020 & the fact that as most Americans I spent most of time with the news shows, I totally forgot about the book. This past week in wanting to get back to my reading I picked 28 Summers up. Wow am I glad I did. This is my first read by this author but will definitely not be my last. Good story telling, great character development. This is one of those reads that stays with you. It had been a while since I had found myself so wrapped in a story line. Cried my eyes out and loved every minute of it.

    Customer review from barnesandnoble.com