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WHAT IS IT: The perfect, two-in-one tool for defined brows. An angled brush head with firm bristles lets you fill in and define brows with NEW Long-Wear Brow Gel, while the spoolie brush end grooms brow hairs into place. WHO IS IT FOR: Anyone looking to create a polished, defined brow look with one simple tool. WHY IS IT DIFFERENT: Designed with a blend of natural and synthetic bristles, the Brow Definer has a sharply defined edge and stiff bristles, giving you maximum precision while shaping and filling in brows. Bristles comb through brow hairs to coat them evenly with pigment for incredibly natural-looking definition. Once brows are filled in, the compact Brow Groomer smoothes brow hairs into place and blends color.

  • Use the Definer end of the Dual-Ended Brow Definer/Groomer Brush to pick up product
  • Start at the inner corner of the brow and use short, even strokes to fill in the entire length of the brows natural arch
  • As the brow tapers, use the narrow edge of the brush for more precise application
  • Then, use the Groomer end to shape brows and soften color, brushing brow hairs up and over

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Customer reviews

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    Jul 31, 2023
    from Ohio
    Great tool. Expensive but worth it.

    Great brush/spoon - just a little high priced

    Apr 04, 2023

    I just ordered online 6 Bobbie Brown brushes. Those are expensive but I don’t like than they all make from China.

    Feb 22, 2022
    from Wisconsin
    Best Brow Tool

    I've got to tell you, this is honestly the best all-purpose brow brush. I love the sharp edge and firm bristles on one end and the finishing spoolie brush on the other. I don't need anything else to create great brows in a jiffy!

    Customer review from
    Apr 09, 2021
    from FL
    So good I had to buy it again

    I lost a bunch of my BB brushes in a makeup bag I left on the airplane. Yikes! I tried to get by w/a less expensive brush for brows thinking it's just a tiny brush... how much difference can it make? Well, it makes a huge difference. I just can't get the same natural look without this brush... and, there's nothing worse than getting your brows wrong after you've finished all the rest of your makeup.

    Customer review from
    Mar 01, 2021
    from Los Angeles, CA
    Very nice brush

    I love the two in one concept. I hate having to many brushes for my eye brows. The fact that you can use one end to brush hair and then quickly flip to other end to color in brows is so much easier and takes less time than grabbing a whole other tool. Brush is nice an stiff too so makes for a precise filled in brow.

    Customer review from
    Nov 30, 2020
    perfect magic wand

    my brows r the most important part of my face :) I like switching brushes from Anastasia to Bobbi Brown to use it with my brow pomade, another collection to add for my brow brush. Once i found good ones I keep them forever...

    Apr 05, 2019
    Great brush

    Multipurpose. A now I can get rid of my other brushes.

    Jul 17, 2017
    Love this brush!!!

    I use this brush/groomer daily. It works easily to fill in my brows and keep everything in check!