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The second book in the delightfully sweet Heartstopper series, featuring beautiful two-color artwork! Now streaming on Netflix! Nick and Charlie are best friends, but one spontaneous kiss has changed everything. In the aftermath, Charlie thinks that he's made a horrible mistake and ruined his friendship with Nick, but Nick is more confused than ever. Love works in surprising ways and Nick comes to see the world from a new perspective. He discovers all sorts of things about his friends, his family... and himself.

  • Author - Alice Oseman
  • Publisher - Scholastic, Inc.
  • Publication date - 11-10-2020
  • Page count - 320
  • Paperback
  • Age range - 12-18 years
  • Fiction
  • Dimensions - 8.9 W x 5.9 H x 0.9 D
  • ISBN - 9781338617474

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    Aug 28, 2023
    from san francisco

    This is the greatest book series of all time. beautifully executed. amazingly written. I love it almost as much as i love my dog

    Customer review from
    Apr 26, 2023
    SO GOOD!!!! Amazing Sequel!

    (This review is also on my GoodReads page) I have never read a sequel this amazing before! I read the first book earlier today and immediately had to start reading the second. I just love the characters so much and again the accurate portrayal of queer youth is so spectacular. Nick and Charlie are easily becoming two of my most favorite characters. You can tell they work well together and they're so supportive of one another it's just amazing to see, I do want to say though that this book does show accurate portrayals of what teenagers can go through and I think that's very significant, while everything's not all sunshine and rainbows at times they still finds ways to have each others backs and be there for each other. Another easy 5/5 stars, I have a feeling I am going to have to go back to Barnes & Noble tomorrow to buy the 3rd and 4th book!

    Customer review from
    Long and Short Reviews
    Apr 11, 2023
    Good Reading

    The boys are back and trying to navigate this thing called life. The thing called love. I’m in love with this series because Nick and Charlie are so realistic. I see and feel the struggles in them. I understand where they’re coming from and why they react the way they do. Why? Because yes, it’s shown in the pictures – it’s a graphic novel – but also the heartfelt way the author conveys these things. I’m right there with Nick and Charlie. It’s refreshing. It’s also a good story for young people who are trying to sort out how they feel – all across the spectrum. We’re all human and we get shy. We make mistakes. This book shows that. I liked that this one, in particular, really spotlighted Nick and his struggles with understanding he’s bisexual. It’s a real struggle that’s hard to deal with if you’re feeling alone and confused. If you like a sweet romance, a sweet LGBTQ one with two young men navigating the world with the changes in their lives, then this might be the one for you. originally posted at long and short reviews

    Customer review from
    Feb 11, 2023
    from Medford, Oregon
    You will love ittt

    I love the entire series! They made the show almost exactly like the book which is amazing:)

    Customer review from
    Nov 08, 2022
    from San Francisco, CA
    I am proud to say…

    …that this graphic novel made me cry. As Oseman continues the story of Charlie and Nick’s burgeoning romance, the joy and fear of Nick’s journey to self-acceptance and the support he receives from Charlie and his mother (if not his alleged “friends”) is utterly heartwarming. Looking forward to Volume 3.

    Customer review from
    Jun 08, 2022
    from Louisville, KY
    So Cute it Hurts

    The adorable story continues

    Customer review from
    Jun 07, 2022
    from Arizona
    Cute love story

    I read it 3 times and i love it so much, it so adorable

    Customer review from
    May 26, 2022
    from CA

    I absolutely loved this book. It's so heartwarming and entertaining! The characters all make the book so great! I can't wait to read the next volume!

    Customer review from