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Bathroom Wastebaskets

Perhaps the most functional and necessary item in your bathroom is a wastebasket. The wide array of bathroom wastebaskets to choose from makes it simple to find one that suits the aesthetic of your bathroom. With so many styles, you can even find wastebaskets that can be concealed behind the cabinet underneath your sink, making efficient use of space for those with smaller bathrooms.

From polished chrome to plastic to hand crafted wood with a lacquered finish, the construction of bathroom wastebaskets is completely dependent on how you want it to complement the other items in your bathroom. If your bathroom has a considerable amount of wood paneling, as well as wood cabinets, selecting a trash can with a similar finish is the best decorative decision for creating a harmonious, uniform look.

Similarly, if your bathroom possesses a sparse, modern appearance, going with a polished chrome wastebasket is an ideal counterpart to the rest of the room’s interior design. For a more basic, utilitarian look, plastic bathroom wastebaskets are a pleasing, visually appealing solution to having a receptacle to throw your trash in.

Some wastebaskets even come with unique and vibrant designs on them, like florals, birds or even Mickey Mouse!  So don’t let your bathroom succumb to the ordinary by choosing a plain trash can. Stop in at Macy’s to find a wastebasket that will really dress up your bathroom.

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