• Bedroom Rugs

    Save your feet from a cold floor or bring in the colors and patterns you love when you add bedroom rugs. Your bedroom should be a place where you can be comfortable and relax. Match the right rug to contemporary or traditional decorations or create a room theme with a new area rug for your bedroom.

    Bedroom rugs come in many different patterns and colors for the right fit for your bedroom. A large two-tone vine pattern will match anything from a garden theme to a simple painted room. Geometric shapes and patterns will look natural in a room painted a bright color, but these patterns also add more color to a room with white walls. If you need to bring together many different colors, adding a large area rug will unite different furniture, wallpaper, and fabrics. For a traditional look, a Persian rug is a beautiful and complex pattern that mixes many colors together. A mainly red rug will add warmth and contrast to many rooms while a green damask rug can create a relaxing atmosphere.

    A rug doesn’t only belong at the end of a bed. Put a runner rug by the side of the bed for something soft right at your feet the moment you wake up. Different shaped rugs can also change the feel of a room. A round rug can make a room feel intimate while a square rug can make it feel more spacious. For a master suite with an attached sitting area, make this area feel like its own space with a small round rug.

    Deciding on the type of fabric for a rug is also an important decision. Wool rugs are known for their strength and soft feel, while cotton can be easy to clean and offers a wide range of color options. Synthetic rugs are amazing in high-traffic areas as well. For an eco-friendly choice, grass fibers are very durable and add a natural touch. Silk is often added to other fibers for a touch of softness and a bright shimmer.

    Make your room the retreat it can be with the right area rug and design. Find the bedroom rugs that make your bedroom the most comfortable at Macy’s.