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Clock Radio

Start every day with a musical flourish with a clock radio. Combining an alarm clock and a radio, these handy devices can replace the standard alarm chime with an AM or FM channel that switches on at the set time. Want to wake up more gently? Set the radio to a channel that plays classical music or another soft style and slip easily from sweet dreams to refreshed wakefulness. Browse radio alarm clocks from Xtreme Mac, HoMedics, Coby and more.

Prefer to wake up to a certain song or just want more control over what music plays? Choose a music device clock—a kind of clock radio that allows you to attach your musical player and play saved songs in place of the alarm. Some music device clocks feature docking ports for certain music player models, while others offer a simple audio-in plugin spot. Be sure to choose a style that will connect to your device.

Sometimes the weather can change a whole day's plans. Know exactly what the weather is like with a weather clock—an alarm clock that displays the current temperature outside as well as the time. Choose weather clocks with clean and simple temperature number displays or opt for clocks that offer full weather forecasts onscreen. Plan the day's activities with confidence, knowing the weather is just right for a particular outfit or event.

Count the minutes and seconds with absolute precision with an atomic clock. Atomic clocks use satellite connections to keep their settings perfectly up to date. These clocks usually automatically adjust themselves for Daylight Savings Time, can recover their settings after a power outage, and synchronize frequently—some as often as once per hour. Never be late again with a super-accurate atomic clock.

Want a clock that does more than display the time? Try an electronic picture frame. Most electronic picture frames display digital photos and can play back saved music files, but some also feature clock and calendar functions. Display photos by day and rest easy at night knowing your digital photo frame will wake you up at just the right time.

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