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    You gotta love the fresh start of a new school year, a clean slate to make new friends, new experiences and hopefully a few As along the way. That first impression, though, is always a major debut that can lead to a ““what should I wear on the first day back to school?” panic.” Don’t worry, we’ve got you. We have the back to school uniforms, outfits for girls and boys, accessories, home goods and more that’ll keeps their confidence strong through algebra tests and homecoming dances alike.

    First off, what is trending for back to school clothes this year? Well, you can’t go wrong with blue jeans, fresh sneakers and a stack of t-shirts to take them from Monday to Friday. It’s an effortless look that never goes out of style (and gets them dressed and out of the house, pronto). But in 2023, it helps to incorporate power-clash with your casual look a dressy element…or vice versa. Layering a beloved hoodie over a dress or sizing up an button-down adds a comfy dimension to Picture Day Perfect looks. Want something that makes a major statement? Get creative with wearable art: think everyday denim jackets with appliques, paint-splattered looks you won’t have to worry about in the wash, or bold graphic tees to add to your collection.

    Don’t forget the tools that bring that extra boost of first day fearlessness. Their fave skincare products will help them put their best face forward, while hair tools can help with their signature mane.

    Now that the look is nailed down, what about school supplies? Well, start easy with a back to school backpack that’ll make them stoked to go to class. Teens will gravitate towards cosmic prints and tie-dye, while little ones will want to buddy up with their favorite cartoon character. And make sure they’re cafeteria ready! Grab a lunch bag with a cooler or even go with a bento box for a cute, compartmentalized meal.

    Finally, make sure that they have a space that sets them up for success. Double that for the campus-ready crowd! If they’re going back to college this year, we have dorm room decorations they’ll love (tapestries, twinkle lights, the works) and gadgets to make life so much easier. Yes to that cute coffee maker, yes to that vacuum that will DEFINITELY come in handy, no matter how hard they protest.

    So what are you waiting for? Let’s get back and better than ever, together!

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    Back to School

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