Are you having nightmares about shopping for a new mattress? Don’t worry, Macy’s makes buying a new mattress a dream. We’re giving you a step-by-step guide on how to choose the perfect one. Plus, we’re breaking down mattress sizes, types and firmness levels. Check out the best mattresses from top brands, including Beautyrest, Serta, Purple, Stearns & Foster, Tempur-Pedic and more. 

    How Do You Choose The Best Mattress? 

    Step One - Select A Mattress Size:           

    Twin Mattresses (39" x 75"). Generally placed in kids’ rooms or smaller spaces, twin mattresses are designed for solo sleepers.           

    Twin XL Mattresses (39" x 80"). Typically used for teenagers or dorm rooms, a twin XL mattress is for a taller party of one. Make sure you get twin XL sheets for your mattress, since regular twin size sheets will be too short.           

    Full Mattresses (54" x 75"). Do you need to sleep two in a smaller space? If so, a full-size mattress is a great choice. It’s a cozier fit than a queen, but it will more than suffice.                       

    Queen Mattresses (60" x 80"). To provide more breathing room for two, you’ll want to consider a queen mattress. This is an ideal pick for guest bedrooms.                       

    King Mattresses (76" x 80"). The premium choice for your primary bedroom is a king-size mattress, which allows plenty of space for couples to sleep comfortably.           

    California King Mattresses (72" x 84"). If you have a massive primary suite, lucky you! Treat yourself to a humongous California king mattress. If you are extremely tall, this mattress is your best bet for a great night’s sleep. 

    Step Two – Pick A Mattress Type: 

    Hybrid Mattresses. Expertly blending the best attributes of innerspring and memory foam mattresses, a hybrid mattress offers you cloud-like comfort with added support. 

    Memory Foam Mattresses. Composed of layers of plush padding, a memory foam mattress provides better pressure point relief and motion isolation. If you are a hot sleeper, check out gel memory foam mattresses with cooling technologies. 

    Innerspring Mattresses. If you’re looking for a durable and bouncy mattress, then an innerspring mattress is your ideal option. Just keep in mind that the springs are not always silent. 

    Step Three – Determine A Mattress Comfort Level:           

    Ultra-Plush Mattresses. Do you dream of sleeping on a cloud? If so, an ultra-plush mattress is your perfect choice. Check out a pillow top mattress for this desired comfort level.           

    Plush Mattresses. Do you want a soft mattress that offers minimal support? Curl up to a plush mattress.           

    Cushion Firm Mattresses. Are you a side sleeper? We recommend a cushion firm mattress that offers a bit of comfort while maintaining solid support.           

    Firm Mattresses. Are you a back sleeper? If so, we suggest a firm mattress that will provide unyielding support.           

    Extra Firm Mattresses. If you prefer sleeping on harder surfaces, then an extra firm mattress is your perfect match.

    Shopping Tips: You won’t want to sleep on our Black Friday mattress deals, check out our Black Friday mattress specials before they’re gone! While you’re shopping for your new mattress, remember to purchase a box spring, bed frame and mattress protector. Also check out bedding, headboards and beds to complete your setup. If you have unique needs, you might want to consider adjustable beds.

    Sleep well! Shop the best mattresses, available at Macy’s.

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