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Memory Foam Mattress

Sometimes a good night’s sleep is waiting on the right mattress. The body needs rest, and rest is generally abundant on a memory foam mattress that is super plush but also ultra-firm—the perfect hybrid.

The brain waves during sleep mode eases in and out of deep sleep, and many people never quite make it to a deep sleep. The dream states occur as the waves are more in a light sleep mode, and nightmares can ruin any concept of a good night’s sleep. The best sleep usually results from reaching deep sleep where the body better energizes itself. Many different variables can affect how a person enters deep sleep, one of which is the comfort of the bed.

A memory foam mattress provides support where it’s needed and often targets, based on weight and body temperature, the parts of the body that generally ache during sleep. A mattress that conforms to the body is the most personalized mattress a person can find.

Don’t forget the kids. Many children have a hard time sleeping throughout the night, and a child’s rest can influence the type of behavior a parent sees in their wake. Bed time can be an anticipated time for children with the right bed and setting. Some mattresses even offer stain resistant covers with cartoon characters. In addition to the right mattress, a child’s room can also enable a good night’s sleep with the right lighting, temperature and humidity that suits your child’s tastes. Reducing distraction and noise while finding a good white noise such as a humidifier’s motor to help cloak the eeriness of complete silence also helps. Increase your child’s comfort in bed with a duvet, down pillows and a good teddy bear, but avoid down bedding for babies and infants as these bedding pieces aren’t that breathable.

If a mattress seems out of your price range, consider a memory foam mattress pad. Add inches of memory foam to your existing mattress for a huge difference in comfort. Some mattress pads even offer a mix of the plush luxury of down with memory foam. Technologically advanced smart bedding is available in just about any bed size.

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