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Outdoor Grills

No longer just a summer activity, grilling food can be done all year long even with outdoor grills. When armed with the right kind of grill, some tasty ingredients and a little bit of patience, many gourmet meals can be cooked on a grill. Consider a compact grill such as those made by Bodum. These small, easy to pack and carry grills feature a wide grilling surface perfect for grilling while on picnics, camping or on the beach. These grills might feature sturdy steel legs, silicone lid clips to carry it easily and even an included brush. A tabletop grill is another great option when camping or on the go. These small grills, like those by Cuisinart, are designed to sit on the top of a table while portable fuel canisters provide the heat for cooking.

Indoor outdoor grills are perfect for apartments or homes with small outdoor living areas. These grills can be used inside, thanks to features like drain holes for collecting grease or drippings, and many of these grills come with dishwasher safe removable grill plates for easy clean up. Avoid filling the kitchen with smoke and set this grill outside on a table, and simply plug it in and start cooking.

Grilling healthy meals indoors is easy thanks to products like the George Foreman Grill. Available in a variety of sizes, these easy to use electric grills clean up quickly and fold up when ready to store them. Designed to grill food at high heats without the addition of cooking oils, food will have all the flavor of food cooked on outdoor grills.

Grill pans are an alternative to bulky grills that require fuel, power or charcoal. These heavy duty grill pans rest on the stovetop and are heated by the stove element. Once hot, they can be used like any other grill.

Outdoor grills are the perfect way to cook healthy meals any time of the year. For a great selection of cooking appliances, shop today at Macy's!