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Slim Fit Tuxedo Shirt

A slim-fit tuxedo shirt is a special close fitting cotton dress shirt designed to fit under a tuxedo so that the cuffs peak out at the bottom of the sleeves and the collar frames a bow tie to complete this formal outfit. Cotton is a good choice for a dress shirt because it is lightweight and comfortable to wear, even under a jacket.

Button-down shirts are made by Hugo Boss, Michelsons of London and many others and the shirts meant for dress wear often include details like French cuffs, a spread or point collar and extra length for tucking securely into pants. Choose a machine washable design that also needs no ironing for easy upkeep.

A pleated panel shirt adds an extra dose of formal class and styling to an already formal shirt and is available on a slim-fit tuxedo shirt. The pleats—really small perfectly aligned tucks in the fabric—are usually only on the front panels of the shirt and they will be revealed between the jackets lapels.

Almost all formal shirts are long sleeve shirts because it's important for the overall effect that the shirt cuffs peek from beneath the jacket cuffs, often with the addition of a nice set of cuff links for a little extra shine. Formal shirts usually have either French cuffs (cuffs that are folded back on themselves) or barrel cuffs (a basic cuff with one button and buttonhole.)

While most formal shirts are white so they match the traditional black tuxedo, some men prefer to wear a black shirt. For some special occasions such as weddings, even pastel colored shirts such as pink, blue or lavender are a fantastic option. One good rule of thumb is to create contrast with the outfit; wear a light colored shirt with a dark jacket or vice-versa.

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