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  • Adidas

    adidas is the look you have trusted for athletic shoes for years. But today, it is so much more. Show off that athletic style with everything from basketball shorts to watches.

    It has been said to stand for All Day I Dream About Sport, and that means all sports. It isn't just a dream either—the company has officially sponsored and provided equipment for teams and individual players in soccer, baseball, lacrosse, tennis, cricket, basketball, rugby, gymnastics and even skateboarding. If you enjoy playing any one of these sports, you don't need to look far for professional-level clothing and equipment.

    Let's not forget the sneakers. The original three-stripe athletic shoe has been around for decades, and is still a favorite of athletes everywhere. The basic brilliance of the original shoes still endures, but years of innovation in the design and materials of athletic shoes has raised them up to a level that is more advanced than ever before. You can now get running shoes that conform to the shape and movement of your feet. Durable soles can take the heat of your workout while they protect your feet from the hard road, so you can run longer. CLIMACOOL technology has made possible a more breathable shoe, so you will sweat less and have the most comfortable run you have ever had.

    Take this sporting expertise to the rest of your closet with some athletic shorts, sweatpants, shirts, jackets, hats and watches. adidas clothing is fashionable, but always ready for physical activity.

    You're never too young for athletic wear. Get your baby ready for an active lifestyle with an adidas baby set. He'll get his very first pair of sweatpants with the three iconic stripes down the leg, a long sleeve graphic tee and a warm matching sweat shirt. Speaking of matching, you and your baby will look so cute together when you both wear your athletic gear. Be prepared to hear a chorus of "Awww" when you walk down the street.

    If you are looking for athletic gear that is both fashionable and functional, stick with a classic. adidas has both the trustworthy name and the innovative design, so what are you waiting for? Pick up all the gear you need today at Macy's.