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Bridal Sets

Buying bridal sets is one of the most crucial parts of making wedding plans. This jewelry is likely to be worn for years to come. Select something that fits the bride's personality and preferences. With a large selection of styles, finding the perfect settings, color and style is hassle-free and enjoyable.

There are two main types of bridal sets: parallel rings and integrated rings. With the first type, both the engagement ring and the wedding band are designed to be worn separately or together, to give a great deal of flexibility. Normally, neither piece has any raised portions, which eliminates interference with each other when the rings are worn simultaneously.

With integrated rings, both the engagement ring and the wedding band must be worn together. Therefore, the design is usually bit more intricate than with parallel rings. Commonly, the engagement ring plays a central role in the design, while the wedding band wraps gracefully around the finger to complete the ensemble.  Also, both pieces may be enhanced with dainty gemstones. At some point before the wedding ceremony, the bride temporarily gives up her engagement ring so that both pieces can be fused together.

Bridal sets are available in both white gold and yellow gold. Depending on the wearer's choice, the designs range from simple and straightforward, to the ultimate in opulent extravagance. In any case, this jewelry gives a great way to visually represent a couple's devotion to each other. In the case of integrated rings, it can symbolize how partners complete each other, and clearly signify an intertwining of beliefs, ideas and dreams for the world to see. Parallel rings spell out the anticipation period between the proposal and the wedding day, as the wedding band is placed on the finger during the marriage ceremony.

Bridal sets are items that the wearer can enjoy for years. As a representation of love and devotion, there are numerous options that act as a wearable demonstration of romantic feelings. Finding items that fit the mood is easily achievable when shopping at Macy's!