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    Hold the coffee…bring on the gourmet tea! Macy’s is spilling the tea on all the best gourmet tea flavors and types from herbal tea and green tea to loose leaf and earl grey. We even have trendy infusers, matcha green tea and tea gifts. Stop by today to shop the best gourmet tea brands such as Palais Des Thés, Tea Forte and more!

    What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Tea?

    1. It’s Highly Hydrating. Although coffee can have the same effect, tea is much more hydrating due to the fact that it is mostly comprised of water with a splash of an awesome tea flavor of your choice.

    2. Energizes Longer. While you get an energizing effect with both coffee and tea, you won’t get a caffeine decline as quickly as you would with coffee. A coffee high lasts shorter and drops quicker than that of tea.

    Macy’s Tea Tip: We suggest choosing decaf tea before bed.

    3. Easy To Make. Start with a cup of boiled water. Steep your tea bag in the boiled water for a few minutes and bam! You’re done.

    4. Rich In Antioxidants. Antioxidants keep your body looking and feeling great…so it’s no wonder tea is full of them!

    5. Metabolism Booster. Recent research has suggested that green tea helps to boost your metabolism, which is perfect if you’re looking to shed some unwanted pounds. It is also a great alternative as a practically calorie-free drink.

    6. Your Teeth Love Tea, Too. You won’t get the discoloration side effect from tea as you do with coffee.

    7. (Not) Bad To the Bone(s). Studies have found that people who drank tea on a regular basis had stronger bones and actually less likely to develop osteoporosis due to the high levels of tea catechins.

    8. Stress-Reducing. We all could use a stress-reducer in our lives. Green tea specifically has been found to work as an anti-depressant, meaning it just might help boost your mood after that first sip. Also, the aromas of teas with certain spices like chai tea can have the same effect.

    9. Strengthens Your Immune System. While it won’t cure the flu if you’re mid-sickness, over time, drinking tea daily will help your immune system fight off common illnesses quicker. Oolong tea provides a ton of health benefits!

    Types Of Gourmet Tea At Macy’s:

    • Black Tea
    • Herbal Tea
    • Earl Grey Tea
    • White Tea
    • Green Tea
    • Matcha Green Tea
    • Jasmine Green Tea
    • Rooibos Tea
    • Loose Leaf Tea

    Macy’s Tea Tip: Any of these teas can be made into a refreshing iced tea drink! You could also pick up a sampler box from Palais Des Thés that includes an assorted variety of different tea bag flavors!

    It’s teatime! Shop Macy’s for an amazing selection of gourmet teas.

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